Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oct. 24th School Trunk or Treat

It was Science Night at school and along with their science stuff they decided to do a trunk or treat. I was required to be there, knew the kids would be with me, and they were in need of one more car so I decided to volunteer. I thought the kids would have fun and more importantly it would be a great serving opportunity!
I've always strongly suggested or planted in Brady's head costume ideas each Halloween b/c I love the kids to match, however, this year I decided to let him choose! Of all the costumes out there he picked Scooby Doo, he's been a huge Scooby Doo fan for years, I believe it was two years ago he got the Mystery Machine van and figurines for Christmas. So Charley's costume was super easy, Velma! Although Daphne is probably my favorite sometimes she can be a little too sexy looking.  As far as i costume for me, I found a purple sweater and green scarf at Target, stole Charley's Ariel wig and cut bangs, and wore one of her purple headbands and bam I was a pregnant Daphne! As of this morning I still didn't have any decorations for the car. I was able to throw something together pretty quickly wasn't the best but it worked somewhat (my flowers I made wouldn't stay up). 
Would think I'd learn my lesson with Brady, even though he is skinny enough to wear a 5 at times in the waist but mostly a 6, he's in 8s pants, but medium costumes 8-10 still don't fit! He was still super cute!
It was 80 something degress tonight, we were all super hot, but here are the kids ready to pass out candy!
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