Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nov. 9th-12th Football, New Chair, New Class, Shower

I wasn't feeling well at all this weekend so I did I lot of laying around and resting, luckily it was a game free, plans free weekend! 

Saturday night we watched our Fighting Irish football. Sunday after church and a good nap I woke up to Ryan and Brady coming home from bball practice with a new chair for me! With my lovely varicose veins standing for long periods of time makes me ache! Let's be honest sitting does too, but anyway I had mentioned to Ryan a couple of weeks ago that I wanted a vanity chair for my bathroom (not sure why I don't have one after all these years), and after getting ready this morning for church I reminded him again. So what did my sweet husband do, surprise with an early Christmas present! He said there was no reason to wait another month when I'm almost done being prego, when its now I really need it! Ryan is a great guy but a romantic or a surpriser he is not, so when he does things like this, it makes it even better! He even went to World Market, his first and probably only visit in there ever!
Watching our football
My new chair
Monday 11th
I walked into Charley's school on Monday with a note on the door saying she had gotten moved up to a new class! I usually have a more advanced notice to prepare myself, it's a little easier now that's she's older and this time b/c she is now in Ms. Jessica's class, one of Brady's former and favorite teachers!

             I love this girl's personality!

 Tuesday 12th
Today we showered my co-worker and her future hubby with a school wedding shower! The number one reason I love my job is because of the people I work with it! I couldn't ask for a better group of Christian ladies to spend my day with it!
Stephanie (Art Teacher), Maresa (the bride and my co worker), Me, Amanda (my job share partner and yes we're both prego), and Jessica (music teacher), we somehow are missing Janet (drama teacher and Maresa future mother-in-law)
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