Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oct. 27th Pumpkins & School Pics

We had a very busy Sunday today, first we had my 9th grade girls over from church to have lunch and decorate pumpkins and then had a party for one of Charley's friends at the pumpkin farm.
 I love fall, have I mentioned that? I didn't pull any of my decorations out until this morning and didn't even pull out 1/2 of them, but a few pumpkins here and there and my new front yard pumpkins will have to do this year, I promise to go all out again next year when I'm not so pregnant!

My 9th grade girls from church painting their pumpkins

Charley painting her pumpkin, pink of course

The both love arts and crafts, like their mama!

Brady had basketball practice so by the time he got home we'd cleaned up everything, so I allowed him to pick 3 colors, he's colors of choice, orange, green, and pink as well


Lexi the birthday girl!

 Love these two!
How sweet are these 3 buddies with their 3 little sister besties! I love that God put friends in our lives who have the same age children!
       The girls from the party! Totally disappointed I bought Charley the cutest fall outfit on Etsy and haven't gotten it in yet. (not to mentioned I ordered it 6wks ago, boo)

Brady's 1st grade picture, he is handsome and pretty at the same time! Love him!
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