Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nov. 8th Molluscum Contagious Virus

This summer I noticed what I thought were little skin tags on Charley's neck. I didn't think twice about it b/c honestly Ryan's family are a skin taggy/moley people, so I just thought she was going to have some too! After going in for her 3yr check up in July, I just happened to think to ask the doctor about them and to my surprise I was very wrong! Our doctor told us it was Molluscum Contagious Virus which is a skin infection that causes small pearly or flesh-colored bumps. They are not painful and can sometimes go away on there on, however Charley's started spreading on her neck and her bottom as well! They told me they virus is contagious through skin to skin contact, bathing/swimming together, or sharing a towel or objects that have touched the spots. So, I guessing she maybe got them from swimming lessons this summer maybe, its hard to say they say sometimes it takes 6months to show up.
Our Dr. suggested going to the dermatologist, today was our 4th visit, 4th treatment! For some reason, Charley's are super stubborn and are not all going away or we keep finding new ones. The treatments have gotten harder and harder this was by far the worst one, b/c they decided to double the meds. Before they would freeze the big ones and just put what they call bug juice on the others, but today each sore got both, the reaction which you we see below was AWFUL!!! Charley this time had was screaming her little lungs out, crying, "I want Daddy and I want Corby!" It broke my heart and took everything ounce of me not to cry with her. All I could do was try and hold her, kiss her, and tell her how brave she was!
I praying that this will have to be our last treament, I honestly don't think I can see my little girl in pain like that again! I will say this she is one very tough cookie, I'm very proud of her!

This picture was before our second treatment, I know its hard to see, but you can see that some went away and are just little scars now and then I pointed out one so you can see what they look like!
After treatment, worst reaction ever, her neck,bottom, and inside of her things were so sore, she wouldn't even turn her had and when she walked she walked with straight straddled legs!

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  1. Poor Baby! I pray they go away and you don't have to do that treatment again!

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