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Oct. 30th-31st Happy Halloween

Our church Trunk or Treat was tonight, and we invited our neighbor friends, so Brady was even more excited! I was so thankful it didn't end up raining on us, however, when we got to the church they decided to go ahead and put everything inside. I totally understand their reasoning but it was INSANE, so insane I was ready to leave the minute we got there, lol! I hung in there for a little and luckily Ryan was there to help corral the kids.

Seriously have you ever seen a more cute Velma?
And Scooby Doo (you can see here, how he's costume was a little small, poor boy was getting chocked not only in the throat but crouch too, lol!
I love these kids!
The kids with our neighbors!
The hot dog, Kaleb, is actual in 4th grade and the boxer, Kole,  is in 2nd, Brady isn't tall at all, lol!
Ever since Brady's first Halloween I have always gotten a shirt to match his costume, which is one of reasons I love for them their costumes to go together! I usually have something made but I had about decided I wasn't going to have one this year, but about 5:15pm (the trunk or treat started at 6:30) I decided to make one really fast, luckily I had a white shirt and fabric pens, don't look too close!
Charley, Landry, and baby Hayden

Ally, Lizzie, and Char Char
and their precious Big Brother, Karson, Cooper, and Brady

Oct. 31st
Sweet Boy, Nails, 4D Sono, & First Trick or Treating
So, because Brady's costume was a little snug I decided to grab a second last minute costume while he was at school today and of course Charley thought she needed one too. Since I didn't let her pick the first time I thought it was only fair for her to get to pick one too, so Tinker Bell is was!

We have always been at either my current church's Trunk or Treat or my old church's Trunk or Treat on Halloween but this year our church's wasn't on Halloween and since Brady is in school now, as much as I'd love to be hanging with my sister and her kids at our old church it just makes it hard to be at so late and get him up for the school he next day, so we were left we nothing to do. We have a very nice neighborhood but I didn't want to feel like taking the kids by myself (I told Ryan since he got off of work last night early and came, he didn't have to come tonight). So, when I heard Jenn talking about trick or treating in her neighborhood I invited myself :)! The kids had a blast! I really glad we decided to join them, I was pooped but it was worth it!

I walked into the kitchen this morning to see this sweet boy like this, cooking him and Charley breakfast. I had asked him to get dressed while I was in the shower and when I got out he had gotten himself dressed, including socks and shoes, brushed his teeth and hair and then making breakfast. Considering how some of our mornings go with lots of struggles, this was a huge accomplishment and made this mama super happy! This boy has a very sweet heart and I love it!

My nails and eyebrows had been well over do, so I decided to go this morning before my 4d sono and the nail people insisted on doing Charley's nails! She sat so still and loved every minute of it!

Coloring while I finished up my pedicure
Halloween Nails
Corby wasn't really cooperating today for the 4d sono, so we'll try again next week, but we did get this pic!

 My Tinker Bell
 She wanted to show me her wings!
 Precious little face

 My firece Wolverine
 My heart smiles every time I look at my kids!

 My kids and the Towery hang

 Charley, Rily (Lizzie's cousin), and Lizzie
 Lizzie and Charley
 I could never get a picture of Brady trink or treating he was too fast

 Charley was getting tired from walking and Ms. Jenn had a great fix

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