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Feb. 28th-March 4th HilaryEveryDay 59-63

Feb. 28th
Day 59
Being cooped inside for most the day yesterday we decided to go on a little family outing to where else, Walmart, lol! You know you are desperate for entertain when that is your idea of a fun outing! We decided we were hungry for French Onion soup and of course just needed out of the house!


This week we discovered Ms. Charley has a mole or what we call a beauty mark above her lip just like me, I'm anxious to see what it grows into. My mom said she can't remember when mine first appeared but she did say it did not start off raised like it is now, so we'll see! 

 And just because she's cute and so is this shirt!

March 1st
Day 60:
Today was a special day, we got to go back to our old home church and listen to our friend and old youth paster Todd Gatson preach. He moved to Virgina years ago and became a senor pastor. Todd has a super special place in our hearts! Not only was in influential in building a our Christian foundation but he also was part of two very important times in our life our proposal and our wedding! Ryan proposed to me at church camp in June 2000 and he and Todd planned the entire thing together and he married us! We love him to death and were thrilled to hear him preach again and even more thrilled to have lunch with him afterwards with along with the Smiths, some of our favorite people!

March 2nd
Equipped for His call! Boy do I love when he speaks to me, thanks you Jesus! Facing a fear this morning of leading our women's bible study and this was from quiet time this morning! "I always pray with joy...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in (me) will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Phil 1:4-6 We can face hard assignments with the confidence that if God called us, HE WILL EQUIP US! He is teaching me a lot these last couple of months of learning to step out of my comfort zone, being obedient to his call and realizing he will give me the confidence, words, and wisdom!

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 These two were pooped after Bible Study and lunch they passed out in the car!

Day 61:
Brady got to go to his 1st Mavs game tonight with Ryan and had a blast! Not only were their seats great and super close to the floor but they were also close enough to high the players coming in and out! Did I mention this was supposed to be my ticket, I love my son to death but had I known these seats were this good I would not have given my seat up, lol! I've pretty much reminded him everyday since I found out that this shows how much I love him that I sacrificed an opportunity to high five Dirk for him and that he owes me big time!

 Right after he high fived Dirk!

March 3rd
Day 62:
Trunk Keeper Mom of a Toddler problems!
So being a Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper and a mom of a toddler can bring some challenges, lol! Corby thinks this is a perfect place to hide and play!

At least he has good taste! He pulled this outfit off the hanger and put it on, lol!
When I day he is into everything, I mean he is into everything! I could more exercise changing this lil man all over the house and up and down the stairs. Btw if anyone has any great baby gate ideas for stairs which are to wide or banisters that don't fit baby gates please let me know! 

 He sure thinks making messes for me is funny

March 4th
Day 63:
Today is brought to you by the letter Z-Zelda Zebra's Zipper Day, wear zippers and it's teacher appreciation week!

 Charley showing off her zipper!

 Teachers like you PAINT a Bright Future!
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