Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 6th-March 8th Book Fair and Trunk Shows

March 6th
Brady's Book Fair was this week and due to having a snow day yesterday we had to stop by this morning on our way to gymnastics! Reading is not something I really enjoy but I want my kids too so trying to teach them how fun reading can be!

What a great job the volunteers did on this door!

 Day 65:

 Corby loved his Fire Trunk book, he would mimic the sound every time he pushed the button!

 This kid loves being outside and love balls!

March 7th
 Mom and Mandi's MJ Trunk Show
My sister and mom threw a great show for me today! I've been a super busy lady this week, I had a show on release day, one Wednesday, this one today and again tomorrow! I'm really enjoying this new adventure!

 HB Style Me
So this is one of my favorite dresses the Poppy Field Dress but on me it wasn't much of a dress so I decided to add my Target Denim leggings underneath

 Wishful Wearing! Hoping wearing spring colors will bring on spring already! Today seems like we're getting closer!

Charley usually loves to model for me, today was one of those love days! This is our Caught in the Breeze Tunic paired with the Legume Leggings and we added the Sherbet top from last collection underneath since its still not feeling like Spring.

 Corby Photo Bommb
 Day 66:
Me and My Mini Me in our MJ! "Mom, I'm the best Matilda Jane helper!" Yes, you are Charley and the cutest!

 I know his eyes are closed but still thought this was a precious picture!

March 8th
Another trunk show! After church we ran home for a quick bite to eat and then Charley and I headed over to my friend's house to set up for her show! Today's show was my BEST show this far! She decided to do a combo party with me, Nerium, ID Life, and Stella and Dot and it was a great turn out! She also had the cutest little set up for a tea party and for painting nails for all the little girls, so Charley was in heaven!
 HB Style Me
I can't claim this was my idea but I can steal it, lol! So this is our Violets are Blue Dress but turned inside out with our Kaleidoscope top underneath, I love how you can do crazy things like this and mix and match our stuff!

Day 67:
Tea Party, nails, cupcakes, and Claire! 
Claire is my friend's (today my Jane) little girl! They had so much fun playing together!

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