Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 13-15th Spring Break Part 2

March 13th
Well my prayer was answered, Brady made it through his birthday without getting the tummy bug but early this morning it struck the both of us, boo!!! Unfortunately, tonight was supposed to be his party so we had to cancel it or let's say reschedule!  I truly am thankful he didn't get sick on his bday, a party is easy to reschedule! Party favor cookies luckily can freeze, Market Street was super sweet about changing my 4doz cupcakes order to the new date even though they had already made them, and there was no charge to change the party date, although its costing us a little more b/c now it has to be a glow jump party b/c that was the only time available! 
I told myself I was going to go simple and easy for his party, b/c there has to be a time I stop going overboard on their parties right? So I was going to just send out an Evite but I couldn't drag myself to do it, not that there is anything wrong with Evite but when your used to planning months in advance for a party and do most of the creating/designing/making including the unique invitation I attempt to, do its hard to let go. So my plan was since it was going to be a jump party to take pics of him on the trampoline jumping and make a flipbook. I got the pictures taken, book created and printed and just needed to cut and assemble but after getting snowed in I was unable to finish getting my assembly supplies for it and I needed to get it sent out so I thought I just make it a flipagram intended for that just to be the first invite and Id send the the other later but the other never got done or sent, lol.

Day 72:
What should have been today, a super fun party :(

March 14th 
 Today everybody seems to be feeling better except me that is, so its just a lazy day around the house. 
Day 73:
Fun in a Cardboard Box! It's amazing what fun kids can have with just a plan cardboard box, it's endless hours of entertainment, I love it!

Love that we are 3 for 3 for curly headed kids

March 15th
Sunday Funday! 
It was such a pretty day today and everybody is make to normal thank you Jesus! We went to church this morning and then came home, ate lunch, rested a little, and then outside we were the rest of the day until after dinner. Ryan cooked steaks and Charley asked if we could eat outside and we of course said yes! 

Day 74: 
Looking over to see your son taking notes in church sure makes this mama proud!

I just love him in these little pants and this kid could stay outside all day trying to shoot baskets!

We had a little accident and had to change clothes (and yes this are pjs they were the only thing clean, after taking care of sick people and being sick all this week we are a little behind on laundry) and then he was right back outside for more basketball!

I am kinda sad, embarrassed to admit this but this I think is Corby's first time on our playground!
He wasn't too excited about the slide!

Corby just wanted to play with the leaves

Yum, asparagus!

I tried to get some pics of Corby wearing MJ straightees, he wasn't real excited about getting his picture taken, but you can see that these are super cute on boys too!

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