Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 9th-11th Spring Break Part 1: Painting, Tummy Bug, Immagination

March 9th 
Color Me Mine with Mimi and Cousins! 
Today my mom was watching my nieces for my sister while she worked and so we thought we'd take advantage of that and Spring Break and planned a playdate to go paint ceremics! We had a blast! Corby was a trooper staying in his stroller the entire time, you would have never known he was working on being sick!
 Cousin Car selfie on the way

 Charley picked a rainbow piggy bank

 Brady picked a helmet piggy bank

 Mari picked a guitar

 And Phoebe picked Hello Kitty

Day 68:

 He is the best baby! He hung out like this the entire time and then right before we got to Mimi's house puked all over himself and the carseat! :(

 Making memories with Mimi

 Notre Dame Helmet

 I decided to paint too, which is normally makes me extremely nervous and stressed b/c I'm such a perfectionist but I'm glad I did and it turned out decent!

 This is our new monkey friend! Charley had a zebra when she was he's age. I ordered these before he was born but have been hanging on to them. He started waking up occasionally in the middle of the night just needing his paci which is the reason I got Charley's too, so I pulled this out last week and he loves it! It actually makes taking the paci away a little easier, b/c I can take of paci when time but he still has a little security left with the monkey and of course his blanket!

March 10th
So Corby has the tummy bug and now Ryan does too, ugh! I did get extra cuddles from my lil man this morning but hate when they are sick! Praying the rest of us can stay well for Brady's sake, he's bday is on the 12th!

Because we are stuck at home with a sick boy and daddy the kids have had to entertain themselves at home and have been doing a great job! This is how I found them outside! Our family is a little obsessed with the Voice so this might be the reason! And actually Brady was singing when I first stepped outside but as soon as he saw me grab my camera he switched spots...boys!

 My little performer!

 My almost 8 year old!

 Day 69:

 Oh this face, he was so cute! I mean he still is but man!

Today MJ announced our first promo for Hello Lovely and Charley and I are both thrilled! She loves her dolls and loves even more to match them! We had to grab some shots of her with her matching MJ doll!

 And b/c inventory is running low in the exact matching outfit, here are some other outfit choices!
Beautiful Swan Knot Dress and the Elegant Blossoms Top

 Caught in the Breeze Tunic

 Trend Setters Dress

Bouncy Blooms Dress

Send me your wishlist starting today, promo starts tomorrow!

March 11th
Dear Tummy, because I was taught manners, which I see you were too, since you share so well, I will thank you for your visit, better a visit during spring break then during school, I guess. But every visit has to come to an end and your time is up! 3 victims is enough, mamas don't have time to be sick and you can not get my soon to be bday boy sick on his bday weekend! Hopefully it will be awhile until your next visit!
a mom over tummy bugs

So Charley woke up at 4am this morning throwing up, so Brady and I are the only ones that have stayed well thus far! Another day stuck at home with sick people, boo, but so thankful we decided not to go anywhere for spring break. I am praying very hard that Brady will stay well for his bday tomorrow and party and Friday!
Can't belive he will be 8 tomorrow, where does time go?

Love this face!

Brady decided to set up his own shooting stations, love this!

My sweet sick girl!
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