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March 16th-21st Grill it, Patty's Day, Sword or Stopper, Open House, & Birthdays

March 16th
 Day 75: 
Just call me the Grill Master, ok maybe not yet but my first attempt at cooking on a real grill was a success! I got to 2 thumbs for KaBobs otherwise known as Kabobbles and Ryan said they were cooked perfectly! I think I'll quit while I'm ahead however, not sure it's worth reeking of smoke and my eyes watering so bad I could hardy see, oh and almost blowing up the place!

March 17th
Happy St. Patty's Day!
 I borrowed this post off one of my former teacher's fb page, thanks Kary Berg... 
 Did you know........Saint Patrick was the patron saint of Ireland. He was born in Great Britain when it was ruled by the Romans. Patrick came from a wealthy family. As a teen, pirates attacked his family and Patrick was captured and sold as a slave. While a slave and herding sheep, Patrick learned to speak Irish and learned irish customs. His faith in God grew as he herded sheep. At age 20, he had a dream in which God told him to leave Ireland by going to the coast. He went to the coast and found an abandoned boat and sailed back to Britain to find his family. He studied there and became a priest and bishop. Patrick spread the gospel all over Ireland and began building churches. He used the 3 leaf clover (shamrock) to explain the Trinity. He preached for 40 years and died on March 17. March 17 is now a day of feasting and celebrating in honor of St. Patrick!! FYI!!

Day 76:
 Happy Saint Patrick's Day from this sassy thing!

 I can not wait until April 1st when I add another pair of MJ ruffle pants to my collection and this color...LOVE it!!! If you haven't tried a pair you must, we are never too big for ruffles!

 I could not get this guy to stand still for a pic!
 My mom watched Corby for me today so I could try and get caught up on laundry, so we met her at DQ after school for a treat and exchange of Corbs!

 Mom's Lucky Charm
 One of Brady's coach's has the most amazing house and yard where we practice and Charley and Corby have a blast every practice!

March 18th
Corby and I did a lot of running around this morning to try and find him and Brady Easter stuff to match Charley's dress and yes of course its Matilda Jane. 
She will be wearing this, the All Aflutter Dress, one of my favorites, I can't wait!

Day 77
The moment you realize you really are a Starbucks addict...when you pull up to the Starbucks window and your son immediately starts grunting over and over again until you get your coffee and give him the stopper !

 This boy is not only a mess but makes a mess! Love him!

March 19th
Being a former teacher definitely has its perks, one seeing your students grow up and become successful adults, a negative however, it makes you feel really old, lol! So one of my students Maria Guadalupe Ramirez has her own business called Guada-Loops that sells the most adorable headbands and I've always wanted to be a headband girl but have never been able to find any that will stay on my head and I've tried everything! I placed an order the other day to try out a few and not only are they adorable but they stay on my head if I could just keep Charley from stealing them from me! 

Brady's Open House
Tonight was Brady's open house, I have been super impressed with the student led conferences and now this student led scavenger hunt open house. Being a former teacher loves the student ownership of the night and being a mom loved the smooth and easy flow. The things on the list were things he had to show me around the room and out in the hallway. I love seeing his work and love even more him telling him about his work!

 George Washington
 Self Portrait
 I knew it was him by #3

 How precious is this
 Cures for a Boring Day, not sure where he came up with these but its funny!
 Tongue Twister: Brady Bought Boys to the Beach by a Bus
 They have been talking about the water cycle for awhile now, I get to hear about it all the time!


Day 78:

 March 20th
Friday is the only day during the week Charley is home, she started going to school 4 days a week starting in Jan. to get her ready for next year. So Friday mornings are gymnastics days, they used to be be real fun and a bit relaxing, Corbs would relax first in his car seat then in his stroller and I would get to watch her and visit with the other moms. But since Corby has been walking it is an hour of chasing Corby and I'm lucky to see Charley do anything, but I for sure get a workout!
 Oh, did I mention its a room full of bleachers, really hard to keep your toddler off bleachers, lol
He thought it was so much fun to seat and have a "table" for is snack and drink.

Day 79:
My Sunshine on a Cloudy (Rainy Day)...My girl and our rain boots! It literally rained all day!
After gymnastics we headed in our cute little rain boots to my friend Amanda's house to help with her baby Harper who was teething and not allowing her mama to get ready for her bday tomorrow! She was super happy with me, Amanda claims it was b/c she oiled her up and gave her some teething medicine but I'm convinced she just loves me :)!

Me and Harper
 Corby was asleep most of the time, so Charley and Harper got to have some girl time! Charley is really great with kids!

March 21st
I needed to get my nails done and I usually go during the week while kids are at school but I was feeling like Char needed some one on one with Mommy so Ryan stayed home with the boys and off we went for coffee and nails! 
We had two parties today, first Harper and then Maryn's both 1st bdays.

 My lil diva, pinkies up!

Day 80:
Nail Date with Charley

 Her lemonade stands were precious!

 Corbs and his girl Harper and yes that's a carrot stick, you do what you have to do to get kids to sit still and try to look at the camera

Maryn's Party

 Sorry for the dark pics, I only had my phone to take pics, but Mykeall, my friend aka Maryn's mom did a great job decorating, so cute!

 Corby kept feeding her

 Charley and the bday girl!
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