Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 5th Another Snow Day! Day

March 5th
Well Hello and Good Morning Snow! Nice to see you again! Its March and we live in Texas and this is the 2nd time we have seen real snow, today they said probably 6-7in, that's just crazy! The kids were not real interested in playing outside which kinda made me sad but I did manage to convince to let Charley me take a few pics of her outside for a sec.
After some morning snuggles in our bed I made a big breakfast, which I never do, time and toddler being a factor and I just don't feel like I've ever been good at making anything good for breakfast besides bacon and eggs. We ate all our bacon last night for some of other favorite sandwiches so I made sausage sticks, ham, eggs, tatar tots, and pancakes! 
After feasting on that and lounging around, watching tv awhile we decided to turn the TV off and play some games. Ryan worked from home this morning but had to go in for a little once the roads cleared up. So it was just me and the kids playing Spot it a game we got them for Valentines Day! Brady go the MLB version and Charley got the Frozen Alphabet, both a lot of fun! Because Corby was up from a nap we decided to get on top of the table to try and keep him from eating or ripping the cards, so we got him some toys to play with right next to us on the ground so we could play, although that didn't last long, before long he was in my lap on the table! 
For dinner we tried out a new place for us The Londoner and I got the biggest Buffalo Chicken sandwich I have did see and boy was it good!
Thankful for an extra day at home with the kids now we were stuck inside again tomorrow I might have a different opinion :)!


 Our bed is full and so are our hearts!

 Charley entertained us for awhile in the bedroom!

 Brady decided he wanted to teach Charley to play piano, so sweet!

 Showing her to arch her hand!
 This hat cracks me up and check out his abs!

You can't see my feet!!!

 Some of you asked me last snow day where we got Charley's Elsa hat, Amazon of course, b/c I'm obsessed with Amazon Prime links below!

 Trying to work on Charley brushing her own teeth not quite their but I did find this super cute tooth Twooth Timer on Amazon for both the kids, so we practiced with it this morning!

 Game Time! Can't believe this guy will be 8yrs old in a week!

 Frozen Spot It So the idea is to turn over your cards and try and match symbols with the center card, first one to spot their match and call it wins that hand! Perfect game for Charley!

 MLB Spot It because we couldn't just play one of the games!

 Corby in my lap playing with the instructions!

 Blowing himself sugars when he sees himself on my phone!
They have actually been super sweet to each other today! Brady is trying to teach her to play the playstation. 

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