Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday-Favorite Pins

Twice a month, I link up with Andrea and some other bloggers to show & tell ya something.  And today, we are talking about our favorite pins from Pinterest. 
I have always had a love for all things crafty but that love grew when Pinterest came around. I will say although I love Pinterest, but sometimes its the devil and I curse it, lol. It makes me feel like I can conqueror the world! I can do any DIY project, cook any recipe, create the perfect outfit or sport an fabulous hairdo, I set really high expectations and then I have a Pinterest Fail and I hate it! Then there are other times I nail it and my love grows stronger! I also am super competitive so if I see something someone else has done, I feel like I have to make it bigger or better which is stupid I know, but at other times is a great motivator.
My latest favorite pin would have to be...
It turned out exactly like I had imagined, I loved it! Check out my board here.

(My actually pin straight from the blog is the first on the left, as you can see.)

One of my latest favorite food pins were these yummy ribs!!
Really anything on my crockpot board I love, if I could cook all my meals out of a crockpot I would. Follow Hilary 's board Crockpot on Pinterest.
I don't have much on it yet but My Run Board is starting to be one of my favorite boards, as I am finally getting make into running.
Follow Hilary 's board Run Hilary Run on Pinterest.

My last favorite board for the moment would be my Fun Food board where I get all my fun ideas for the kids lunch ideas.

  Follow Hilary 's board Fun Food on Pinterest.

Happy President's Day
And because yesterday was such a beautiful day I can't leave it out.
Brady didn't have school but Charley did, if we weren't paying for it I would have let her skip but we are so she went. So the boys and I had a date with some of my besties Hillary and Olivia and their kiddos at Chuck E Cheese, and no we didn't tell Charley, I know I'm a bad mom.
We got Charley picked up from school and Ryan came home early so we spent a few hours at the park playing enjoying the amazing weather.

I was feeling like a hot mess so this shirt was totally calling my name today.

 My sweet boy basically jumped out of the car to help me with the gas, he might have spilled gas all over his shoes in the process but it was the thought that matters.

Chuck E Cheese Fun

Corbs loved just following Brady around

 He loved all the riding toys until the started moving, lol

 Corbs and Mallary
Corbs finally came around to moving rides

In the short time we were home before leaving for the park Corby managed to find my mascara, lol.

He isn't a fan of swinging either

 But he loves to slide

 Love these two

 This kid has a pretty good arm, he's feet may be off but that will come :)
Brady practiced catching some fly balls, he's got his first tournament this weekend.

He is such a monkey, he climbs everything!

 I had to stop and take a pic of my shadows, it dawned on me that someday I wont have these little shadows walking along side me or on my hip.

Check out this great shirt my friend Brittany at Truth Ink Tees made, I just love it and oh how true it is! She asked me to take some pics and help her get the word out, thought it would fun to get the kids involoved and they were great sports.

Got to wear my new shirt along with my new shirt running today, race is less than 2wks away, eeekk!

After dropping the boys off at home Charley and I got to spend some time together running food to some friends from church. When you have multi kids its so important, even if its just an hour of running errands to spend quality time with each kiddo and it worked in my favor today since I was feeling a little guilty sending her to school and going to Chuck E Cheese without her. 

 Blurry but love this face

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