Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fortune Cookie Casualty and Hair

So earlier this week I shared how Charley and Corby's school was doing Friends Around the World this week.. All week the kids' classes have been studying a country and on a designated day the have a country themed party. Corby's class has been studying Ireland and partied on Tuesday, I made Irish Boxty aka Irish Potato Pancakes. Charley's class has been studying China and today will be having their party. It's times like this I wish I could be less of an overachiever and creative mind and more of slacker or just a minimalist really and have a simple normal mind and sign up for drinks, fruit, plates, etc instead of other. Other is what gets me in trouble! Other for Corby was Irish Boxty. Other for Charley was homemade Fortune Cookies, I mean why couldn't I just go buy some, lol?!
As serious I am, a little, and as hard as I make my life sometimes by being this way, when its all said and done, I love doing this stuff for my kids, it's worth staying up until 1am baking after what feels like a 100 fails or rising early to create something. 
If you have ever wanted to make fortune cookies, DON'T! I am not a baker to begin with so maybe that's why it was so challenging but man it was much harder than I thought. You have to get the consistency just right. You have to spread it evenly just right and make sure its not too thick or it won't cook in the middle and definitely won't bend without breaking at the seam. 
I found this Homemade fortune cookie video that I thought would help, it did but it did take much trial and error. Just another reason to buy fortune cookies instead of making them they require cooking just a few at a time, so unlike normal cookies you can't put a dozen or more cookies on and 8min later they are done, no, you can only cook like 3 maybe 4 at a time b/c you have to shape them quickly before they harden.
The positive thing out of all of this, besides finally get some right enough to send with Charley to school, I made the cutest fortune cookie fortunes that you can download and use yourself if you're feeling creative and/or crazy :). I've included one with my inspirational/spiritual sayings and a blank one for you to fill in yourself.

This was the many fails and these aren't all of them. 

I made 36 fortune cookies, doesn't sound like a lot but keep in mind you can only cook 3 to 4 at a time, let's do the math. I cooked at 9 different baking sheets of cookies at 8min, that's with 4 on each pan, which sometimes I did 3 and that's not including the mess ups. So this took me well over an hour, almost 2hrs to do and it wasn't until my last three batches I think I finally almost got it. These are some of my good ones.

Talking Top Knot
I have gotten very lazy with my hair the older I get and more kids I have, lol. It spends more time up than down and dirty than clean. I have been trying new easy hairdos to help me get out of my same ol funk. I am a wash my hair at night kinda girl and let it hair dry over night, so in order to wear it down the next day I have to curl it, put it up, or a wear a hat to cover up the crazy. I have recently started doing the side pony or side braid which I love but typically Char and I support the messy bun so yesterday I thought I try a little less of a messy bun.
My side pony braid (I don't think I told you that my book of Christmas pictures came in and its amazing!!!)
Side with no braid
 Hat hair
Our go to bun

My new 1/2 Top Knot. 
See a video I found on how to do it here
In the video she went straight into the knot but I had to start with a pony tail , wrapped it around and then of course shaped and bobby pinned. Some of my favorite dry shampoo to use for ratting is Sexy Hair Big Sexy Volumizing Dry Shampoo, It's very tacky so not the best for making dirty hair clean. Another one of my favorite ratting tools is called Surface Push Style powder, its totally rocks! So with these two, (not at the same time, I just pick one I'm feeling that day) a fav hairspray, and a good rat comb is all I used for this ratting job and my infamous pump.

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  1. Southern Living has a cookie cookbook with a super easy fortune cookie recipe. I only made them one in college but all of them turned out. If you ever want to try again☺