Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites-Love Edition

It's Friday, a holiday week, and a 4 day weekend, woohoo!!
Nail Time-
I am super low maintenance when it comes to hair, I get my hair cut every 12wks and don't do color or highlights, I'm sure I will have to soon though, so instead I'm a nail girl! I get my nails done every 3wks. I should to go on Fridays but since Corby is in school now, I have moved to Thursdays. I have changed my nails over the years, used to be square round, really short, and usually just french manicure but these last few months I have changed to round and a little longer. I do acrylic nails with gel polish, I even do gel on my toes, it lasts forever!!!  In keeping with Valentine's Day I chose a pink this time called, "Look at my Bow."
Holiday Shirts-
I am obsessed with t-shirts anyway and when its holiday time and my obsession goes into overdrive! The kids usually have shirt everyday the week of the holiday. Some shirts come from stores like Crazy 8, Gap, Old Navy, etc and then some come from some of my favorite t-shirt shops!
This particular one is from Gymboree

 I Dig You I found on Etsy and was the perfect for his rock candy valentine which you can see more of and even get a similar free download on my last post.

 Hugasaurus from my friend Brittany at Truth Ink Tees

Also from Truth Ink Tees
This one from Cupcakes and Cheer and she has one in almost every holiday
One of my Besties Hillary also does some great custom vinyl shirts 2Chicks & A Heat Press somehow I didn't get a Vday shirt from her this year but she's working on a baseball one for me right now.

Holiday Lunches-
One of my favorite things to do is make the kids' lunches fun especially on holidays and special occasions. For Valentines' lunch this year I made a heart themed lunch. I bought boboli pizza crust and used my heart cookie cutter. I put the crust in a Welcome Home Brands heart shaped paper bakeware container and adding my side into valentine cupcake liners. I typically use Go Green lunch box or Yumbox but I found this red Sistema Mircowave container that I thought would complete the valentine theme.

I had to put Corbs together for him, so here is the complete look.
You know my favorite girls' clothing line is Matilda Jane but I occasionally find some others that I enjoy and Momi Boutique is one of those. I bought this Valentine outfit last year and she was able to wear it again this year. We have new adorable for Sunday.

Last year vs. this year

Holiday Parties-
Oh how I love parties! Charley and Corby's school parties are very low key and only 30min so there isn't much for parents but provide food and some small decor. 

Passing out Valentines

Corby's very first party!!!

I love the way he is looking at me in this picture
He loved the ring pop

We went back to Charley's party to pick her up!

and when we got home Corby got into my lipstick and shampoo

Brady's Party
So one of the other room moms makes us look like super moms, she comes in every party with a cart of decorations, I really just show up to help and lead the games. Being a former PE teacher games are my thing. I guess the teacher comes out of me when I step into a classroom, have you ever tried to get the attention of a class of 22 3rd graders and keep their attention long enough to give them instructions for a game, lol? 
This year I decided to mix it up and play some new games. We played Cupid's arrow, Conversation Heart Relay, and Minute to Win It Conversation Heart stack. The kids loved them all. 

Pretty simple really, get some q-tips, straws, a bucket and some how mark off some boundaries. The kids try and blow the "arrows" into the bucket, the team that gets the most "arrows" in the bucket wins!

Love this kid, he'll be 9 a month from today!
Teacher Gifts-
One of my love languages is gifting, I just love to shower people for fun prizes! Brady's teacher has lots of food allergies and I know they get sick of candies so I wanted to do something different. I found a pin on Pinterest with an umbrella and a cute poem and thought what a cute unique idea it was. I found some really cute Lilly Pulitzer umbrellas, added to the poem (covering & protecting) and made this cute tag and it was a hit!

The best teacher ever and below, another 3rd grade teacher that happens to be Brady's tutor!
Matchy Matchy-
Whether matching hair or shirts, one of my favorite things to do is match my lil mini me!
You know I love Starbucks, White Chocolate Mocha is my first love and in the fall and winter Pumpkin Spice Latte, but when I have to have coffee at home this is by far my favorite creamer. I am a caramel color coffee drinker which means I drink more sugar and creamer than coffee but after discovering this I know longer have to add sugar, it has enough. 


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