Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday

It's time for another Thankful Thursday!
1.Thankful for Charley and Corby's school not starting until 9. Why you ask? Well, on Monday (1-25-16) at 7:20 after just getting back into town from vaca at 8pm Sunday night, I realized it Career Day was indeed today and not Thursday. A 9am school start allowed me to scramble around, run to Walmart to grab some teacher must haves and somehow manage to pull off her teacher outfit, which she rocked!

 Every teacher needs a Starbucks and a Stern Look!
 2. Easy Crockpot Soup Recipes. Monday night we tried Slow Cooker Enchilada Soup and it was super tasty!
 3. Thankful that I am a pack rat, border line hoarder (not always something to be thankful for, Ryan would for sure agree but this week it came in handy) and kept all of Brady's clothes b/c Corby got to wear Brady's old doctor costume for his Career Day on Tuesday. 
4. Thankful that bribing, although normally frowned upon in this house, works for getting this kid to take pictures.
M&M's and Cheetos in this case
 5. Thankful we got to visit Ryan's parents house of 31yrs one last time before they move out this week.

Corbs waited at the end of the street so he could drive with daddy to their house
Bitter Sweet
6. Thankful for being a part of an amazing not to mention super crafty Women's Ministry team. We had so much fun this week prepping for our retreat this weekend. We spent the day yesterday making string art and Monday making the cutest fabric banner ever, pictures to come.

 My before and after A
 7. Thankful for our Corby! Although crazy and wild at times, doing things like taking off his pants and diaper and running around the house 1/2 naked there are moments where he is so so sweet like when he cuddles with his new baby doll. I love the crazy, wild, and sweet about him!

8. Thankful for a school that makes learning fun by doing things like letter day! Career day earlier this week and today White Day b/c they are studying the letter W.

 Silly Faces to get Corby to take a pic

Corbs silly face
9. Thankful for my former Matilda Jane teammates who have allowed me to still be apart of Matilda Jane Clothing just not as a trunk keeper. I will be teaming up with my amazing local TK friends Carrie Taylor TK #638 IG @matildajanelane and FB and Jackie Smith Tk #852 IG @styleofachild and
as a brand ambassador. I will be helping them with advertising and marketing the upcoming collection Happy and Free. So be looking for upcoming open houses, trunk shows, preview and release dates, promos, all other exciting MJ news and of course Charley and I will show off some of our favorite pieces. The first spring release comes out this Sunday and I can not wait!
10.Thankful for Corby's nap time so I can catch up on my blog!!!

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  1. And I'm thankful for you! Not quite sure what I would do without you in my life!