Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec. 10th-14th Assistant, Cray Cray, 26wks, Polar Express, Belly Cast, First BBall Game

Brady's school was cancelled again today, so what is a working mom to do when she has to work still, take her kid with her! He was my personally assistant for the day, he was a big help setting up games for me, and played so hard with each class he wore himself out!

Dec. 12th
My sister start Charley to say Cray Cray away back and since then we have started to call her cray cray b/c its so fitting! So when I found this shirt I knew she had to have it!

Dec. 13th
Today marks 36wks, I'm officially 9months pregnant and could have a baby in 4wks or less, so crazy!  
I got to go with Brady on his first 1st grade field to the Polar Express! We had so much, I love that I am able to go be there for things like this!


This is the 3rd time my sister has had the privilege to cast me, and for someone who is super modest this is a huge deal to allow her! First year she was thrown into b/c Ryan came down with food poisioning the weekend before I was to have Brady, from then on it was just assumed she would do it. Ryan isn't a huge fan of the belly, so casting it was not even an option, lol!
I know to some people this may be weird but I just love being pregnant, don't get me wrong there are times I'm completely miserable, but its such a miracle to me that I want to cherish every minute of it so casting my precious baby in my belly I think is the neatest way to do that!


I'm looking forward to seeing it painted!
Dec. 14th
Brady's first basketball game was today, he was by far the cutest one on the floor! We are playing with the Truth sports league which our neighbor actually coaches, so when they asked us to play we were thrilled!

 He looks like a baller in this picture!



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