Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nov. 22nd 33wks, Errands, Private Planes, & New Gymnastic's Class

Today marks 33wks.  Surprisingly doing these weekly posts I think as made this pregnancy fly by!
On a side note I've never thought my kids have ever looked more alike then in this picture, check out their smiles, love them!

I got to see my baby boy again yesterday, got a great picture of his ball and penis too, lol, but decided not to post! He's doing great!
Charley and I had to run some errands first stop daddy's office, she always goes straight to his desk to sit and play with his calculator!
Had to run by Joanne's too, to get some stuffing for Brady's bedding, she thought she it was pretty fun to hide in the basket behide them! Cute girl!
Ryan was invited to go to the LSU vs A&M game with a buddy of his in their company's private plane, they made a weekend of it, he said he could get used to this life, lol!
Charley got moved up to a new class, and is getting to do some new stuff, she loved swinging on the rope!
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