Friday, December 27, 2013

Nov. 15th Family Shower

So, I was very adamant about not having a shower this go around, I started telling my closest friends, mom, and sisters early on that I didn't want one. My thinking was this, it's my third kid, I've kept all clothes and most everything else baby. I figure if there is something I don't have or something I think I need I'll buy it myself, lol! However, I got a text from my sister in law one day telling me she (along with my sister, who knew I didn't want one but claims she didn't hear me say that) wanted to throw me a family shower to show how much she loves me and appreciates it and I couldn't say no, well I did at first, lol, which I think caught her off guard. After talking with Ryan, mom, and sister, I changed my mind. Ryan told me if someone wanted to do something nice for me I should let them and my sister made me feel guilty by saying it was about Corby and not me!
So, one night when I couldn't sleep it came to me, I had idea that was a great compromise. I was planning on doing an alphabet wall in Corby's room, in fact it would be the main decoration in his room and of course I hadn't started on it! I thought it would be neat if my family was able to contribute to his wall with their own special touches, which honestly if you know me was a big stretch for me. I love to decorate and am a detail girl so not knowing what people would could come with (not controlling it really) or do was a bit scaring I will admit. My sister law did great putting together a great invitation that was very detailed, with an example picture of an alphabet wall punched out color swatches and pictures of my fabric. Each aunt and grown up girl cousin was designated a letter, some were significant, maybe the letter of their last name and some were just random! I couldn't be more impressed with what everyone came up with, I am so excited and can not wait to get the wall up!

 A sign my sister in law had made for me!
 My precious little cousin
 Playing an baby alphabet game

A great look from my sister in law

 U from Ryan's aunt Bonnie
 W from Ryan's aunt Lyn
 K from Ryan's aunt Karen

 N for Nani and she did a B for Booga
 E from my cousin in law Haley

 Ryan's aunt Lyn and her daughter in law Brenda
 P for Popi from my mom and dad
 And an M for Mimi
 D was from my cousins Jennifer and Darren

 Sweet blanket from Stephanie
 X from Stephanie
 and a F and L from her too
 R from my cousin Rindi
 All the letters from the shower, aren't they so cute?
V  was from Ryan's cousin's wife Brenda and H was from my sister Tanya for Hughey
My other sister Mandi owes me a S for Smyers
I bought the C for Corby and an I and Y.
My friends filled in the rest and will be coming soon...Hillary-A, Olivia-O, Jenn-Z, Kara-Q, Kari-G, and Kim-J 

 Mimi flying Char Char around
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