Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec. 9th Popi's Last Flight

My dad has been flying for a total of 43 yrs and for American Airlines for 34 years and today was his very last flight! He would fly forever if he could, but they are forced to retire at 65 and the 12th is his bday! We always had big plans to go on his last trip with him, unfortunately (but best excuse ever and wouldn't change my circumstances) I was not able to go, however, my mom, both sisters and one brother in law got to! Because of the ice storm a flight the day before was cancelled and we weren't even sure if everyone would make it on the flight today! Thank you Jesus after a 5hr delay, the all made it! Due to the delay they were only in Germany for less than 24hrs before they had to head back! As sad as I was to not be able to be on the plane with them, I am so thankful they were able too!
This weekend my other brother in law happened to be out of town too, so I got to watch my nieces for what was supposed to be just a day, but school was cancelled again today, so crazy! So the four kids and went to the Hyatt and spot a squat to watch Popi land (this was actually the first time I've left the house since thurs evening). Most of the time firetrucks will be at the gate and would spray the airplane down but due to the weather they weren't able too, we were all a little disappointed about that, especially my dad!
I couldn't be more proud to call this precious man my father, he is my hero for sure! He not only provided for us, but taught us hard work, dedication, and how to be passionate and love your job, not to metion and most important,  he showed us how to love God! We were able to travel to some amazing places and b/c of him I have a love for travel and have a long list of must see places for my family and I to go! Retirement will not keep him down for sure, he's already trying to find ways to fly and/or work at the flight academy! Can't wait to see what his next adventure will be!

Looking forward to adding some more pictures from  my mom gets them downloaded!

The kids and I hanging out in the workout room at the Hyatt watching for Popi! I took several pictures of the wrong plane before I finally realized which was his!


Charley passed out while waiting for them to get through customs!
 The cutest pilot ever coming out of customs!

 Char Char ran and gave him a huge hug! My bro in law, happened to land a few minutes before, so her took the other kids home with him so I could fit everybody in the car!

Mom had a cake made and we went to eat at On the Border, one of his fav places! We're planning a retirement party soon!
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