Friday, December 27, 2013

Dec. 24th Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always spent with my family, we go over to my parents house, go to the Christmas Eve service, eat mexican food, and then open presents. This year my only nephew Chase was sick with the flu and stuck at home with his other grandma, so we skipped church and attempted to rush things so Tanya and Matt could get home to him.
Its always a little crazy and chaotic with 7 kids (fixing to be 8) trying to open presents but I look forward to it every year, I love the tradition and the memories we make!

 Well we tried 3 times and Charley just wasnt having it!
 The four youngest grandkids waiting paitiently!
She finally smiled for me, but only b/c I told her she couldn't open presents until she did, lol!
 Brady was super excited b/c he had the biggest present!

 My neice Mari (8)
 My neice Phoebe (5)
 My niece Kendra (17)
 My neice Kaylee (18)
 Hello Kitty Bed, she was so fun to watch this year!
 Another Baby Stella, this time a boy!
Brady hugging Mari they got him the Despicible Me 2 movie
 Checking out Mari's gift
 Matt and Tanya got a really nice skillet
 Diaper changing bag for her new baby
 He was super excited about this!
 Charley wanted Ryan to open every present!

 Her baby boy wearing a new outfit!
 Excited about his new Rangers jersey from Mimi and Popi!

 We got the girls these outfits!
 This was from Tanya and Matt, I thought it was perfect, A mani and Pedi set, lol

 We got Kaylee some new Toms
 Phoebe opening her outfit!
 Chris and I took a pictures of each other taking pictures

 Kaylee got a sewing machine from my folks!
 A shirt that Mimi and Popi bought him in Disneyworld
 Flying on his big present!

 Kendra got all giftcards mostly to Ulta except for this eye shadow set that was evidentlty really expensive, girl has expensive taste I guess!

 He left this for last, it was a 6 drawer Lego organizer
A super cool doodle book from Mimi and Popi!
 Matt asked for sausage...interesting, lol!
 Charley helping mom open her necklace Mandi and I got her with all the grandkids initals on it!

 She asked for a waffle maker from us, pretty exciting I guess!
 Showing off her new necklace!

 Ryan got some golf balls
 a new hat
 This man loves to run, so I thought this shirt was fitting for him!
 My mom had my friend Hillary make me some burpclothes for Corby, I got 12 and they are so cute, he is going to be burping in style for sure!
 We got Mandi this owl coin purse and owl necklace!
 Chris pretending to read, we got him a book but it didn't come in on time, so I had to print a picture of it!
 Oh how I love these kids!

Stealing some pie from Mimi
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