Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nov. 29th & 30th No More Training Wheels, Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

After lots of convincing and months of frustration and tears and yelling on my part, I finally convinced Brady to get back on the bike and for real learn to ride his bike without training wheels! Yes, me almost 9 months prego was outside running and pushing my son on his bike, lol, I'm sure it was a sight to see!
Once he calmed and decided to get brave it took him no time at all, he was riding by himself just in time for Ryan to drive up and see him!
Yay for Brady, does that mean Santa is gets to bring him a bike for Christmas???


 I asked Charley to run inside and get me some shoes and this is what she brought out, lol! Its hard to  imagine me, almost 9months prego running up and down the street teaching my son to ride a bike as is, can you imagine if I was in these? I obvioulsy decided these were not a good choice.
 Elf Woody came to visit!
Pretending to be astronuts!
 Brady cut the box all by himself, he was proud, love their imaginations!
 While Charley took a nap Brady helped me get the tree decorated! I decided this year we would go simple, and just do one tree! I typically have two trees, what I call my burlap tree pictured here and my tree with all the personally ornaments. Next year when I'm not so prego and just chasing after 3 kids hopefully I can do both trees and all my decorations!

 So glad I made an extra stocking years ago, now our fireplace is complete!

Nov. 30th
Since we can ride a bike now, we went to a bike shop to figure out what size we needed so we could tell Santa!

Charley thought she needed one too!

Elf Woody had reminded Brady to be sweet to his Sister, so Brady decided to write a letter back to Santa, sweet boy!
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