Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nov. 24th Dresser Redo

Ryan got back from his fun weekend so I put him to work entertaining kids so I could paint Corby's dresser. I inherited my Dot Dot's and Popi Al's (my dad's parents) bedroom suit after they passed. I painted it once before in our very first house and its been in both that house and our last house in our guest bedroom with my super cute animal print bedding Ryan got me for Christmas one year! Once we found out we were pregnant with Charley we traded the bed with my parents for their bunk beds for Brady and and the dresser as been in the attic until now. I was going to use both the dresser and changing table we have in Corby's room but after talking with some friends and Ryan we decided just to use dresser as both!
I decided to go with gray b/c I thought he would be more likely be able to use in once we do his big boy room! I like it turned out pretty cute!

 This is the mirror frame that went on the back of dresser, I plan to paint and use it on the wall as a frame around a collage of pics!
 I couldn't find any knobs the right size, so I brought in Ryan and the kids to help me screw new holes and screw the knobs in!
ordered some cute bins to go on either side of the changing pad to hold diapers and what not!
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