Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nov. 28th Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year since I was pregnant with Brady I've participated in the Dallas Turkey Trot. Each year I am accompanied by my parents or sisters, even got Ryan to go last year, but this year, I had no takers! I actually almost talked myself out of it, being almost 9months prego, having issues with my legs, and being by myself with two kids didn't sound like a lot of fun too me, but I am a tradition girl, so I put on my big girl panties (for real) buddled the kids and I up and went!
The kids were great, it wasn't too cold, and we found a great short cut, so we didn't have to walk the entire thing. It took some explaning on my part to Brady how the taking a short cut wasn't cheating, lol!

 Me and my Turkeys



If it weren't for me being a tradition girl, these picture wouldn't get posted, not the most flatteringly, with my tummy cut in 1/2 b/c of my compression tights, lol! But we always take a picture at my folks house when we get done!

Last year we started passing around the turkey hats for everybody to wear! My sister Mandi
Bro in Law, Chris
Sister Tanya
Tanya and Bro in Law Matt
My precious Uncle Shoo Shoo
Cuz Kevin
Niece Phoebe
Char Char
The little cousins
Cuz Hannah
Neice Mari
Char Char
Char Char giving cuz Kevin a crush hugs
Thanksgiving at Nani and Booga's house

Charley and Cori jumping on Nani and Booga's bed

Bill and Ryan did the dishes for us, thought I needed tp take picture to remember this moment!
Cori, Harrison, and Booga
Aunt Stephanie and Char Char
 B &
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