Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec. 4th-7th Singing, Swoll, 35wks & Snow Days

This girl loves to sing and today she found a microphone on the dollar aisle at Target, so it made her want to sing even more! I love my little performer!
For the first time in 3 pregnancies my feet/ankle have started swelling, ugh!
Dec. 6th
Today marks 35wks, just a week away from 9months!
We had a huge freeze come through last night, so school was cancelled and the kids woke up to a icy wonderland, the only thing that would make it better would be if it was snow! We lounged and in our jammies, enjoyed a fire, played in the ice and had lots of hot chocolate!

Even Elf Woody had fun today, making snow angels in mini marshmellows!

 SNOW!!! (or ice)
 What a pretty sight!

 Ryan's car was iced in!
 Our view from the garage, the street was literally an ice rink!
 Part of the backyard

 Our neighbor Kole came over to play and it turned into their first sleepover! They went upstairs to watch a movie and when I went to check on them this is how I found them, all in one chair!
 And even though we told them they couldnt all sleep together we found them sleeping like this!
Dec. 7th
 Elf Woody was enjoying his own fireplace!
 This sweet girl decided to sit with me during my quiet time!
 We made and decorated cookies!



 Kole's house across the street, kids had a blast sliding down their yard!

 Daddy got to play too, I didn't make it past the garage today, didn't want to fall!

 Yes, I still have my pumpkins out, lol!

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