Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dec. 1st Christmas/Maternity Pics

My friend Rene Langston from Roots Photography once again captured our family beautifully! 
The plan is for the maternity pics to go in Corby's room so we went with his nursery colors! I love to wear white or in this case off white in my maternity pics and had the sweetest off white lace outfit for Charley to wear and then my friend Kari text me one day with a pic of this adorable outfit that happened to have Corby's fabric in is, so Charley had a wardrobe change, we will save the lace outfit for newborn pics!

 Not my favorite of me, but Brady's eyes look beautiful, and Char Char and Ryan have great smiles!

 This is real life!

 These next two are by far my favorite of them!

 She insisted taking a pic with her baby Ally who yes is naked and typically stays that way! Char Char loves to grit her teeth like this when she's super intense or excited!
 Again not my favorite of me
 Love this boy and his precious laugh!


 Love these!

 Charley loves to kiss my belly, she probably kisses it at least 5 times a day!

 These kids love their daddy and so do I!

Again real life

Had to include Brady's homework, he had to decorate a gingerbread man. I thought it was pretty creative, I did have to help with the duck tape pants!
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