Monday, July 8, 2013

If you know me you know I don't go anywhere without my camera, some might call me a freak, I just consider myself a lover of pictures! I love to capture and document every mile stone of my kids lives! I want to remember everything including where and when it took place, which is why I am two years behind on my other blog, I have to document everything in order of how it happened.

Determined to get caught up but feeling a little overwhelmed as well, I decided to start a new blog (this makes my 3rd actual), especially now with a new baby on the way! Slowly but surely I will get the other caught up.

So here we go, again, like I said I like things in order so I will be back tracking a little to get you caught up on my now. I know I sound a bit anal don't I? I wish my anal ness more pour into other areas of my life then maybe it would be a little less crazy. But I wouldn't change my Crazy Blessed Life one bit!

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