Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June 15th Second Attempt of Charley's Bday Pics

Ms. Rene was sweet enough to come to our house and snap a few more pictures of Charley, since she didn't want to cooperate the first time, funny thing is it was kinda a last min thing b/c she was headed out of town the next day and Ryan and I had already planned for Ms. Maegan our babysitter to come over while we went out for dinner. Seems like maybe Ms. Maegan should always be there instead of mama, Ms. Rene was in and out in 10min and Charley did everything she said not too mention got some great pictures! I can't believe my baby is fixin to be 3!

 Even got some silly ones of Brady!

From first shoot, decided I didn't like the outfit either, my baby girl is too tall!

 This summed up the day
This is the only one she really smiled in!
 The invite I made and Yes I like Katy Parry!
I erased the address so it kinda looks bare

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