Monday, July 22, 2013

June 28-30th Annual ACU Roomie Get Together

Every year for the past 5yrs we gotten together with all of Ryan's roomie's from ACU. There are now 6 families with a total of 12 kids and 2 on the way. First year we went to South Padre, then Lake Tacoma, then Lake Travis in Austin, last year  to San Antonio but this year due to two new babies and one very pregnant wife we decided to do a more laid back trip at our house. Everyone was able to come by Sammy, Shannon, and Eve, (Sammy had to work) and Drew's wife Jamie and Craig's wife Jenna. Bryan, Sloan, Jackson and their newest Cutler got to the house around 4:30 on Friday and Craig and Mark were right behind them. Courtney and Colby live in Lantana, so we met them in Southlake at Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  
Saturday- Brady had a early flag football game, everyone decided to come and watch, they loved watching Ryan play back in the day as much as me, so they wanted to see his mini me play.
Then we spent most of the day swimming. Courtney, Colby and their four girls came over around lunch and Drew and his girls came over a little later.
Sunday-We met Courtney's crew at Cracker Barrel and then everyone was on their way.
I'm so thankful for this group of friends. Ryan and I walked away from ACU with lifetime friends that are a huge blessing to us! I'm even more thankful that were able to get together once a year and see our kids grow up together!
Charley and Cutler
Charley is obsessed with babies, she's gonna be a great be sister

At Cheesecake Factory, everybody wanted to hold Cutler
Craig and Cutler
Saturday, June 29th
Everyone insisted on coming to watch Brady's football game, it was like old times watching them cheer on Ryan!
Then back to the house hang, swim, and eat.

Jackson watching the game
Brady Boozer
Bryan and Cutler

The Rock was a hit for everyone
Brady jumping

Kennedie's Turn
Averie's turn
Kennedie's turn again
Averie taking another turn
Jersie's turn

Jackson's turn
Charley's turn
Jersie and Charley, they are just 3 months apart

The oldest girls Averie and Gracie
The littlest of the freeman crew, Kennedie and Jersie

Drew and Charley
Craig/Mark and Ryan/Brady started chicken fighting, Ryan was giggling like a girl, lol


 Jackson chillin
 Gracie and Cutler
 Averie and Cutler
 Jersie enjoying her ice cream
 Jersie and Lana
 Mark enjoying his ice cream
 Mr. Cutler
 Kennedie and Cutler
 Jersie and Cutler

Face Painting Time

Jackson showing off his hand paint
Brady, Gracie, and Averie showing of their paint
Colby just chillin

Lana and Charley

Brady and Jackson
Miss Taya
Avery and Cutler
The kids crew
Sunday, June 30th
Sunday morning cartoons then off to Cracker Barrel for brunch!

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