Monday, July 22, 2013

July 20th Layton and Cooper's Avenger Carnival BIrthday Party

Thank goodness the rain didn't last long, because Jenn went over and beyond to make this a great Avenger Carnival Party! The kids were able to play games like Iron Man Leap, Captain America Toss, Hawkeye Arrow throw, Hulk Smash, Thor Hammer throw, and Black Widow's web. At each game the kids were able to earn tickets and when the games were over they headed over to the prize table and could buy stuff with all the tickets they had gotten.
After the Carnival games, we swam, then Jenn had the ice cream truck come instead of baking away and making all those cup cakes for two kid's friends and allowed the kids and grown ups to get whatever they wanted, it was a big hit!
 Layton showing me the iron man leap
 Charley jumping

 Brady trying out the Hawkeye Arrow shoot
 One of the birthday boys, Cooper and Karson
 Charley girl
 The prize table

 Cooper giving this one a try
 Birthday boy Cooper and Brady
 Charley showing me how to jump
 It really is all about her
 Brady was really good at this one

 Brady jumping

 Charley's turn

 Charley gives it another turn
 The Birthday boys and their friends

 Birthday brothers Layton and Cooper

 I love there faces in these pics

 Happy Birthday to You...

 Make a Wish

 Ice Cream truck
 The birthday boys got to make their own ice cream treat

 Cooper with his Banana Boat
 Layton with his banana boat
 Charley excited about her chocolate cone

 "Sizzie" or Lizzie got a popsicle

 Brady with his
 Karson got a double with sprinkles
 Brooklyn enjoyed hers too
 Sarah and Jaryn playing Simon says with the girls

 Brooklyn and her Mimi
 Sarah and Charley
 Layton ready for presents

 Cooper was really excited about the masks we got him

and Layton loved his gun!

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