Wednesday, July 10, 2013

May 15th Kinder Splash Day

One thing I love about working part time is that I never have to miss any events happening at the kid's school!
Today was kinder splash day, hours of playing outside with water, water guns, shaving cream, and chalk, who wouldn't love that? It almost was cancelled due to the weather, so the kids were shivering a bit but it didn't stop them from getting wet, not even the yucky muddy water!

Brady's buddies...Finn


Jack P.
Brooke, who has had a crush on Brady since the first day of school
Brady wasn't too sure of the shaving cream but he gave it a shot

Jack M. and Louden
Jack M.
Mr. Robert, the head janitor, he seriously is the nicest man ever!
My cute, tall and skinny lil man

There's that muddy water I was talking about

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