Wednesday, July 10, 2013

May 23rd First Flag Football Practice and May 24th First Baby Doctor Appt 7wks

I can't express to you how excited I am that Brady is playing flag football! I used to get so stinkin excited to watch his daddy play, and Brady is a Ryan mini me for sure!
I am definitely going to be a Football Mom!
7wks First Appt
Today was my first baby doctor appointment, I was super nervous and worried, I guess just considering the circumstances I was just a little uneasy that something could go wrong. Normally they would not do a sono this early, but I was a blubbering mess and they felt sorry for me so let fit me in, thank you Jesus! It was just so comforting seeing the baby.
Back up to first pregnancy... I was 14 1/2 weeks before I got my first sono, my doctor was very old school and only did a sono at 20wks and only if you asked. Even though going in each time and never hearing a heartbeat, yes you heard be correctly, never, he would just check me and said my uterus was growing, and there was no concern. Of course being my first pregnancy I didn't know any better. Like I said it wasn't until my 14 1/2 week check up that he decided not hearing a heartbeat might be alarming and sent me to hospital to get a sono.
So when I say it was just a relief to see a baby and hear little bitty glimpses of a heartbeat I was thrilled!

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