Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June 21st Snappy Salad, Movies with Mimi and Snow Cones

My kids are great eaters, in fact love some really weird things like onions, Brady would eat all the grilled onions you'd let him even raw ones too! They will eat any vegetable you put in front of them and Charley will eat all fruit, Brady has a thing against berries but will eat the rest and he also has a thing against suckers and Popsicles that aren't orange, lol, definitely quirks I can live with!
 Trying out Snappy Salad, the kids and I loved it!

 Went to see Monsters University with Mimi, Phoebe, and Mari ( my phone doesn't take great pics anyway and especially in the dark)

 First movie I've been to with Charley, she's been with my foks before and slept the entire time, She did great, sat through the entire movie!
Afterwards we grabbed some snow cones.

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