Monday, July 22, 2013

July 17th-July 19th Dentist, Badge, and 15wks

July 17th
Yay, for No Cavities
Early this morning we went in for the kids chk up at the dentist. This was Charley's first time to have to go back by herself and she did great and yay for no cavities for both of them!
July 18th
Look Who Got Her Badge
4th day of 2wk lessons and Charley already got her badge, so proud of her! The first two pics she had to go potty she was trying so hard to cross her legs, hold it and pose, lol.

July 19th
I had my 15wk chk up yesterday morning (July 18th), got to hear the baby's heartbeat again!
Today I am 15wks. The baby is measuring 4in long and weighs 2 1/2 oz and is about the size of an apple. As you can see Charley couldn't wait until we were done to bite in! FYI, this pic was taken in the evening, my tummy didn't look this big this morning, lol.

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