Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 25th Crushed Red Pepper in the Eyes

Just when I think Charley has maybe out grown her crazy mischievous ways b/c so much time as elapsed in between incidents she surprises me once again! 

This morning while I was getting dressed she thought it would be fun to play with the garlic salt and crushed red pepper. I walked into the hallway to the kitchen and saw her and immediately, I said, " why does it smell like something burning?" I looked at the floor covered in both garlic salt and crushed pepper along with the dog bowls and then looked at her and she immediately started crying. 

I put in her time out while I got the vacuum out and she started screaming, "Owie, Mommy!!!" She was wiping her tears and got the crushed red pepper in her eyes. Now this is where I might differ from other mommy's and you can judge if you want, but I saw her eye was still intake and wasn't super red so I gave her a wet paper towel and put her to work cleaning it up and of course took her picture. Call me mean, cruel, whatever but I've learned with this kid, she knows how to manipulate any situation so I have to practice tough love! 

She looked at me a bit crazy when I told her she had to vacuum, but she picked it up pretty quickly obviously I had to finish the job when she was done.

Two lessons I hope she learned...
1) don't play with crushed red pepper and wipe you eyes
2) when you decide to make a mess, you get to clean it up

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