Monday, July 22, 2013

July 15th Happy Birthday Charley

We woke up in our Birthday Pj's and she decided she wanted donuts to eat, so we ended to get donuts. Later this morning both kids have their first swim lesson so of course Charley thought she needed to wear her swimsuit to breakfast.
Prize-After breakfast we had just enough time to stop by my of my favorite stores Ross to let Charley pick out a bday prize. She picked a princess bat and ball of all thing, her daddy was proud oh and some Sofia the First panties.
Lessons-Then we headed to swim lessons, I hated swim lessons fell on her bday b/c the first day is always a little rough, but she did great cried for just a second then she was fine!
Lunch-We had lunch at Chili's with Mimi.
Presents-She got to open up our presents, she got her very own pick Fisher Price ixl, best first kids game system ever and some Cinderella shoes.
Dinner-Pizza Garden for dinner, one of our favorites places by our old house, we took Brady there for his first birthday!
I love this girl so much! She is a crazy mess that keeps us on our toes but I wouldn't change it one bit. Her smile is contagious and her eyes sparkle! She is beautiful inside and out and I can't wait to see the women she becomes but not anytime soon, I'm not ready for her to grown up that much just yet!
We love Charley Rickelle, Happy Birthday!
 Birthday PJ's
 She picked a blue star donut

 Her bat and ball

 Nervous about swim lessons

 Lunch at Chili's
 Her new game system
 Yummy Yummy dinner

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