Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 26th Swim Show Off

 I am absolutely in love with this swimming program S&A Swimming, this will be Brady's 4th year to swim with them and Charley's 3rd. I am amazed every year at what they learn, including Brady being able to disrobe this year, super impressive! After two weeks of lessons parents and family are able to come and watch at the last practice. My kiddos are definitely turning into little fish!  
 All of Charley's X's, she even got all but 3 X's for the next level
 Getting wet
 Getting ready to swim through the hoop
 and under she goes
 through the hoop


 Floating with Mr. Trevor


Look at that jump

and the turn around

Can you tell she has to go to the bathroom?
Red Rover, Red Rover let Charley come over


Brady giving cheering on his lil sister
Jumping in and swimming to the side


Relay Swim the length of the pool


Brady's Turn


American Crawl



Sister cheering from the sidelines
Treading water

Oh man this is tough

Diving to get rings at the bottom

Look at what I got

Going through the hula hoop

He made it through

Cutest buddies ever 

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