Monday, July 22, 2013

July 1-6 Camping

Every couple of years we drive to New Mexico, where both my parents are from and go camping in the mountains near Taos. We started this tradition when I was a baby with my mom's parents and have continued going since they've been gone. I have such great memories of our camping trips and I'm so glad my kids are getting to share in this tradition just wish my Granny and Papa could be here to see them! Normally, my sisters and kids are able to come too but this year it was just my parents, my nephew Chase, the kids and I and Ryan flew up on Tuesday late afternoon.
We left early Monday morning, I thought the kids would go right back to bed but they were so excited that didn't happen. For a 10hr drive which turned into almost 15hr, due to breakfast and lunch stops, pee stops and a stop at Walmart for groceries before headed up the mountain, the kids were GREAT!

 Chase didn't have any trouble sleeping

 Ryan and I always make fun of my dad for thoroughly washing the car when stopping for gas, so he pretending to clean the roof luggage carrier.

 We took a lunch and stretch break

 Finally the kids fell asleep after lunch

 We made it to the mountains, yay!!!
Its pictures like this I will cherish and I hope Charley will too some day
Tuesday, July 2nd
We decided since we were going to have to drive in to Santa Fe to get Ryan later in the day that we would just make a day of it. So we headed to Bandelier National Monument. The Ancestral Pueblo people lived here and built homes carved from volcanic tuff. We had to take a bus to the actual park and Charley thought that was super cool!
 My sweet baby girl just waking up
 Brady, Chase, and Charley on the bus
 She thought she was so big!
 The boys in their under Armor shirts they didn't plan
 It started raining on us so we quickly went through to see the caves, I had to hide the camera in my shirt, just exaggerated my little bump, lol
 My lil chimpmunks

 All those holes are the caves

 You are able to climb up into some of the caves

 Popi helping Charley

 This is one of the pictures they painted
 Just thought this was pretty

Popi and his girl

Wednesday, July 3rd 
Just a day of playing outside enjoying the mountain air, playing in the river and fishing. Ryan caught 5 fish and cooked them for us for dinner. So glad he decided to fly up and meet us!

 Skipping rocks

 Charley tested out the water

 The first fish he caught

 The kids weren't really into touching or getting anywhere near the fish, lol

I love this picture

 My kids love their Chase and he is so good with them

 I just love her hair!!
 Hot Chocolate in July, Yum!

Thursday, July 4th
My dad is a huge hiker, I usually like to go with him, but didn't think it was a great idea this year being prego, but all the boys decided to go. I'm so proud of Brady, this is being his very first hike and being 6.5 miles. My mom, Charley, and I drove into town for a quick shopping trip while the boys hiked and then we drove back into Taos for dinner and fireworks.

 Brady on his hike


Our view from dinner
So glad we were able to eat outside and enjoy the view and weather and kids were able to play

Friday, July 5th
Bubbles, fishing, redneck golf and more.

 Us girls played with bubbles while the boys fished

 Chase catching his first fish but it got away

 Redneck golf

 Every time we come we take a picture in this very spot, one with Mimi and Popi and the grandkids and then one of each family

 Chase pretending his sister were there
 My precious parents
 Ryan built us a fire and we made smores


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