Monday, July 22, 2013


Charley's 3rd Birthday Party
Our little Firework had a great bday party, minus almost drowning, cause momma finally gave into letting her wear a life jacket and she jumped in forgetting she didn't have it on! 
We had a great turn out which just reminds us of how blessed we are to be surrounded by such great family and friends! We cooked 100 hot dogs and had 9 left over if that tells you anything, lol!

 I thought we'd start out in our bday outfit but not soon after did she decided to dip her hair into the baby pool!

 Wet dipped hair, bathing suit time I guess
 Charley with her cousins Phoebe and Mari
 I had to make the tutu to add to her suit b/c I didn't think it was cute enough by itself, lol

Party this way, follow the pinwheels
 Dynamite Party Favors-"Hope You had a blast!"

 Light Up the Night Like the Fourth of July Glow sticks, wands, bracelets, and necklaces
 Let Freedom Ring-Ring Pops

 Fruit Kabobs
 Red, white, and blue gold fish
 Festive water bottle labels
 Add "Spark" to your water-Red and Blue Singles to go

 Birthday Girl
 Ms. Kara, Landry and Layton
 Brady Booze
 Cousin Braeleigh
 Josh and Jack Jack
 Ms. Kara and Landry
 Charley obsessing over another baby, Brooklyn is one of her favorites

 Cousin Cori
 Cousin Phoebe
 Birthday girl cheesin

 Charley enjoying her blue "sparked" water

 Nani and Cori
Crazy Aunt Mandi
Cake time...
 She wasn't real sure what to think of us singing to her,lol

Make a Wish

Birthday girl with her daddy
Enjoying some cake

Crazy aunt Tanya and cousin Chase
Present Time...

For some reason when Aunt Mandi asked her what she wanted she said a big dragon so Mandi searched for her a perfect dragon

Mimi got her tons of "flop flops"
Her first Barbie from Shoo Shoo

She got a fun new cape, some new "sweaty" clothes (what she calls athletic clothes)
Excited about some new bracelets

Sparkler Time

Charley just wanted to stick with her glow wand

This is how she went to bed, baby in arms, she loves her new baby

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