Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug. 10th Mari's 8th Bday Party

My niece  Mari turned 8 on the 8th and today we got to celebrate with her at West Irving Aquatic Center. It was our first time to this water park, the kids had a blast.
 Popi and Charley in the Lazy River
 Birthday Girl
 Charley sliding with my Aunt Mandi, I went with her twice, but twice was enough for me, it made me sick, lol

 She got Popi to go with her too

 Mari is so sweet to Charley, even on her bday, she wanted to help with Charley
 Brady having his turn at the slide
 Mimi and Mari, and Jacob in the back photo bombing
 Mari shared her party with her good friend Syndey
 I love how Charley is in the back blowing with her 

 My two tanned kiddos

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