Monday, August 19, 2013

Confession/Defintion of Crazy

There's a reason my blog is called One Crazy Blessed Mama. The blessed is pretty obvious, I have been married to my junior high/high school/college sweetheart for 12yrs (been together for 20yrs), I have 2 beautiful children another on the way that are truly gifts from God, we have the best parents and siblings in the world that would do anything for us, are surrounded by childhood, college, and church friends that love us too. A wonderful church home, a beautiful house, etc, I could go on and on! 

Now to the Crazy, that's probably obvious to those close to us, lol! Crazy can be looked at too ways, the first, Crazy Blessed, referring to seriously how beyond blessed we are or just Crazy by itself describing me :)! My name means Cheerful and I love life! I'm loud, some would say obnoxious, out going, spontaneous, an over laugher (not to mention snorter), and over reactor, just plain over the top sometimes! So here's just one example that I mentioned in the blog the other day I would tell you...

Ryan would say this is one of the stupidest things I've done, I would say now it was genius!

So, about 2 1/2 years ago I had gotten the kids some Easter baskets, really tins, from Personal Creations, which if you don't about this place it has some great pretty inexpensive personalized gifts for every occasion. After getting them, I got to thinking how sad it would be if we had another child that they wouldn't have one to match, these days you never know how long things will stay around. So I decided I would order one for my unborn or even un thought of child (un thought of on Ryan's end not mine, I thought about it all the time), problem was that when I tried to order it online it was requesting a personalization, so I decided to call instead. I told the operator a tiny white lie, I said we were expecting and didn't know the sex of the baby yet, it sounded a lot better than the truth, that I was ordering a basket for a kid I didn't have yet. I asked them if I could just leave it blank and they said no. So I did what any Crazy person would do I hung up and got back online and ordered one with the name Corby on it, if you read the Baby Reveal post, you'd know we had this name picked since before babies, so I knew I had a 50% chance that if we had another baby it possible could be a boy. Now let me clarify something, in my defense, the letters are not painted on, more like vinyl, so I knew if anything I could possibly take the letters off and paint on a girls name if I had too.

I was so thrilled to have all three baskets and just thought they were so stinkin cute that, come Halloween when they had the same type of tins, I did it again, lol. 

It's even crazier to think now, that maybe I'm not so crazy since I am indeed having another one and he's name will be Corby! This precious baby has been was thought of and prayed for for years, and is already so loved! Can't wait to see Corby and his big brother and sister carry this together and someday I tell Corby how Crazy I was!

Oh and yes he has a Christmas stocking too, I made an extra one of those too just in case. No worry no name on it! One set of stockings just have initials, so I bought an extra C and the d├ęcor for a boy or girl, the other set has scrabble letters on it and I just made sure I had some extra.
 So this was just smart planning not Crazy right?


  1. Not crazy. You just had a mama's intuition! That's what I think. (OK...maybe a little crazy. :))

  2. Crazy, nah! I remember when you told me about buying this, I thought then that you would get to use it one day, and you do!

  3. I love your crazy self snorter and all. Haha. That's what friends are for. You're such a planner that having a basket like that isn't crazy at all when I think of you. :)