Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aug. 16th A Ray Of Sunshine

If you know me, you know I love my Starbucks, white chocolate mocha most of the year, pumpkin spice starting in the fall! You could say I was addict for sure, during the school year I typically was going everyday...I know, it's sad and expensive, I don't want to do the math.

I had two Starbucks stops depending on the days but the one on Hwy 26 is by far my favorite!!!! 

They know my car, my name, my usual, and my kids. We started off having one special friend named Aaron who just loved Charley and she loved him, she would ask everyday when we drove up where her boy was then when we would get up to the window she'd play the shy game and hide from him. Then we met a new friend, we call her Red, just found out her real name is Sheree. She's always so happy and her smile is contagious! 

I went to this Starbucks soon after I was found out I was pregnant, if fact days, no one knew. I pull up to order and when Aaron asked if I wanted my usual I said yes but decaf. He's immediate response was, "do you need to tell us something?" I said, "maybe!" When I got up to the window both Aaron and Red were smiling from ear to eat and asked, "are you pregnant?" And when I told them they screamed, lol! So fun right?

My stops to Starbucks have come to a stop recently b/c I don't drink caffeine while pregnant, so spending money on decaf coffee I can't always justify. I went for the first time in a long time 2days ago and spoke to Red, our usually small talk and when I drove away I noticed she had written ❤hi pretty mama on my cup, it totally made my day! 

As silly as my Starbucks trips may be, I got to thinking about how neat it was that we had come across two such joyful people could who's small talk and contagious smiles made me and my kids feel so great, that's what we are called to do as Christians, be the light, spread His word, and show love. It's disappointing to think there are not more people out there like this. I decided the kids I needed to show some love back. We decided to go to the store and grab some sparkly fingernail polish, both kids got to pick out a color, if you know Red, would know she's cute, spunky, and always seems to sparkle, so I thought this was perfect! We grabbed a card that mentioned something to the affect of God blessing us through people and their kindness! We wrapped it up and went to Starbucks and the kids have it to her and I asked if we could take her picture, she probably thinks Im crazy, lol, but I wanted to share a little Jesus with her and let her know we appreciated her kindness!!

I don't tell you this to toot my horn, if anything to confess that I fail to always show God's love and it's a important to me that my kids see me do this more, so here's to baby steps. 

BTW we found out Aaron is no longer working there, it makes me sad to think I missed my opportunity to show him a little Jesus and thank him for his kindness! 

We may be the only Jesus people see so be the best Jesus you can be! 

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  1. Oh I love that story! That was so sweet of "Red" and of you too! It's a good lesson! Thanks for sharing!