Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aug. 21st Last Day of Summer

It dawned on me late last night that today was my last day of summer, more importantly my last day with Brady before he starts back to school as a 1st grader. Back to work for me tomorrow and Friday and then school starts for both of us Monday. Lucky for me I get to switch my days so I will get to take Brady to school the first two days of school. Also, lucky for me even though school starts for me, I just work part time, so I still get to spend two of the week with Charley. So, it was important for me to spend some quality time just me and Brady today. I called up my BFF, total last minute and asked if she could keep Charley for a couple of hours while Brady and I go to lunch and of course she said yes.
Brady has been seeing commericals for Chuck E Cheese all summer and been begging to go. Me like probably most parents am not a fan of Chuck E Cheese, but I thought this would be a perfect time, just the two of us and not have to worry about chasing after Charley.
We weren't there but an hour, and just got 20 tokens, but he was completely content and happy! He got 64 tickets which was enough for the vampire glow n the dark teeth he eyed the minute we walked in and a little extra for a Chuck E Cheese whistle.
I can't believe its already time for school to start again and even more so that Brady will be in 1st grade. Its hard letting go sometimes as mama's, all I can do now is pray for him, that he will be surrounded by Christian friends and teachers, will be a leader and not a follower, and will shine his light brightly!
I love you Brady Boozer and am so proud of you!

Time to count them up
His teeth


And while we were gone, sister was played and enjoyed a picnic lunch with one of her BFFs

From Last Night
I couldn't not include this picture of the kids waiting for Ryan to get home from work. This is seriously one of their favorite times of the day! He always gets a grand welcome, not always outside but the minute he walks in, no matter where they are they stop what their doing, run and yell, "Daddy's home!" Makes my heart happy and for sure their daddy's!
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  1. Love this! So sweet of you to take him there. That place is crazy! Love the pic of Charley and Lizzie too.

  2. Your a sweet mama. He looks like he had a awesome time. My kiddos have been wanting to go lately and I just haven't gave in yet . I'm like you it's not my favorite place. Love that pic of Charley and Lizzie. Looks like they had tons of fun and I'm sure Jenn had fun with them .

    1. Thanks Debbie! It honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!