Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aug. 16th Wellness Check Ups

I can't remember the last time I posted a update on the kids wellness check ups. I'll admit the last two years I haven't been so good at getting Brady to his appointment on time, this year I was only 5 months late. Maybe late then never though right?
BRADY- 6yrs and 5months
Weight- 53lbs, in the 90th percentile (surprising to me, cause he's so skinny, He gained 9lbs this yr)
Height-49.5in, in the 95th percentile. (He grew 3.5 inches this year and from age 4 to 5 grew 4in)
Vision- 20/20
He has a huge foot, I just had to buy him a 4.5. He wears a 7 in pants but we are fixing to have to move up to a 8 slim. However, he can still fit into his size 5 shorts. His shirts are size 6, but long sleeve we are into 7s already.
He loves sports, baseball would probably be is number one, then football, soccer third. He is a typical boy, he loves to be active, loves action figures, ninja turtles, smurfs, power rangers. He loves to do anything with his daddy, especially playing ball with him and Rangers games. He loves to swim and has become a great swimmer.
He is tender hearted, sensitive, loving, and a very caring little boy yet competitive too. So competitiv, he gets very upset when he loses, he might have a little anger issue.
 He is a rule follower for the most part, when he does get in trouble, a little raise of a voice and he's in tears.
He is also a bit stubborn, he likes to be right and would argue with a wall.
He loves his sister and really is the best big brother and is so excited to be having a little brother!
Weight-38lbs, in the 95th percentile (she gained 6lbs this year)
Height-40.25in, in the 95th percentile (she grew 5 inches this year)
Charley also has a big foot, she wears a 10. She is wearing a size 4 in most things, sometimes a size 5 in the shirt or pants are tight.
She is super active, so active and into things, I can't keep up with her. One minute she's playing with girly stuff like baby dolls and the next she's playing with Brady's spiderman. So she is a good mix of sporty girl! She loves Doc McStuffins, Minnie Mouse, Sofia the First, her kitchen, and baby dolls. She loves her daddy, she is definitely a daddy's girl! We haven't put her in anything yet, but I'm thinking about signing her up for gymnastics soon.
She has a sweet side for sure, but she can be a little mean too, she likes to push her brothers buttons. She is mischievous and stubborn. If I tried to punish her like I do Brady she would laugh in my face. Time out works best for her, she doesn't want to miss out on anything, so its torture for her, within seconds she's telling me, "Mommy, I ready to listen and obey!"
She's hilarious and crazy, she keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh!
She loves babies and will stop whatever she's doing to go love on one, I most excited to see her with Corby, b/c I think she is going to be a great big sister and helper, maybe too much of a helper at times, I will for sure have to keep my eye on her!

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  1. Charley is for sure gonna be a great big sister. She has such a love for little ones. I'll never forget the times she over and over would give Adler his bippy. So sweet.