Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Aug. 1st Day 2 Bahamas

  We woke up about 8:30 to rain, boo, so we hung around a little in the room before heading to breakfast at 10:00 @ Market Place, a super yummy buffet, which made up for last nights not so good buffet.

After breakfast about, 10:45 we stopped by the inside aquarium before going to the room to change, every time we passed the aquarium Charley would yell, "Fishys!"  

The rain had stopped for now so we hurried to our room to get our suits on so we could go swim as much as we could before they rain would come again.

We started at Splashers again and played for awhile, the boys went to try out the lazy river, which part of it wasn't so lazy come to find out.

 After eating such a big breakfast we just grabbed a quick snack and skipped lunch. The boys went down Challenger's Slide again and this time I got video.

Charley & I swam in Royal pools again while the boys went to rent snorkel gear they were supposed to bring it back to the pool so we could see if Brady could snorkel in the ocean but after an hour Charley & I went looking for them and found them at lagoon beach snorkeling, evidently they couldn't take snorkel gear out. Brady enjoyed snorkeling, so they boys might try it again in the real ocean another day. We stayed at the Lagoon Beach for awhile to play.

We went back to the room around 330 and boy, are we glad we did, about 10minutes after getting inside the rain came pouring down again. We grabbed a couple more snacks, cleaned up, Charley and Ryan took a quick nap and then we headed to dinner at Bimini Road at the Marina Village. 
I got fried conch and it was so good, but I've never seen so much food on one plate in my life, you couldn't tell I even made a dent in it.

Quick flashback...
On our way to dinner Brady was being very weird and quiet. When I asked him what was wrong at first he said nothing then when I asked again he started to almost cry saying, "my tooth is loose and I don't want you to get excited and pull it!" So, I guess I get a little more excited about pulling teeth than he does.

Flash forward...
During dinner, Brady made a noise and grabbed his mouth in tears, after taking a bite his tooth was barely hanging, of course I tried my best to hold my excitement. We ran to the bathroom and it was out in seconds, how fun is that, who can say they lost a tooth in the Bahamas?

After dinner we waited in a 15 maybe 20 min line for ice cream at Ben and Jerry's but it was worth it for sure, I got banana peanut frozen yogurt, um yum!

We headed back to room around 9:00. We turned the lights off about 10:15 and not 10 minutes later I heard a big boom noise and jumped up and hollered at everyone to get up when I realized it was fireworks, so cool to see them right outside our room window. We were woken up about 1am to Charley needing to throw up. Big girl made it to the potty and just got sick the once, but must have had a terrible tummy ache from all the snot and water she accidently drank, cause she was tossing and turning all night which means mommy didn't sleep. I decided to switch spots with Brady in case she got sick again, so between her moans, groans, whimpers, and tossing and turning I couldn't sleep. Just so thankful it was a one time thing and she wasn't really sick!

After breakfast at the aquarium

Brady took these next two, as much as he says he hates me taking his pictures he sure like to take them himself

Although Charley can swim she loves wearing a life jacket and floating

Charley and Baby bump hanging out at Splashers while boys are at Lazy river
My cute lil diva
We found the boys snorkeling

These hotel is just amazingly beautiful

 Not sure how I'm going to add to this tattoo, we'll have to wait and see

 We past Ben and Jerry's on the way to the restaurant and this bench was outside
 The Marina was so beautiful and you should have seen the huge yachts

 Brady enjoying some yummy jumbo shrimp
 Conch Dinner Before (sorry this pic was taken with my big camera, lighting is bad)
 Conch Dinner-After
 In the bathroom right after we pulled his 5th tooth
 My precious family
 I scream for Ice Cream

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