Tuesday, August 6, 2013

July 31st Bahamas Here We Come

We headed to the airport about 8:15am for our 10:30 flight.
 The kids were great on the airplane, they played with toys, snacked, Charley took a little nap and Brady and Ryan watched a movie. Probably Charley's favorite part was that she was allowed to chew bubble gum for the first time. Notice I said allowed, sneaking gum from the car or my purse and quickly getting a few chews before I catch her is one of her favorite sneaky things to do. I waited a lot longer before I allowed Brady to chew gum but sometimes it's just easier to not fight battles, so since Brady was allowed gum, she was too! 

We landed in Nassau around 3:15 their time and got to the hotel by 4:30, it took a lot less time to go to customs than we thought which was nice.

We got settled in and headed to Splashers pool, a fun kiddies pool about 
5:30 and the Ryan and Brady slid down Challangers Slide 2x before we headed to the Royal Pool, a bigger pool right outside our tower we stayed in. We headed to the room around 7:00  to get cleaned up and then headed to dinner at Seagrapes (buffet), we were not impressed with the over priced not so good food. Back to room around 9:00 to watch TV & lights out while Ryan went I casino to play.

Excited to get to the airport
Having fun watching the planes

Just chillin
Brady thought he needed to take a picture of me
My cute Buddy Boy all Rangered out
On the airplane
Charley and Ally ready to go
Charley excited about her bubble gum
We're here
Right down from our hotel on one side were hammer head sharks and sting rays

Kids checking them out
We stayed in the West Tower on the Rt
One of the slides they travels through a tank of sharks, Brady was trying to convince himself he could do it

Swimming at Splashers, the water was so cold

Brady sliding

Can you tell he is grinding his teeth b/c he's cold

Charley's turn to slide

Ryan on the Left and Brady on the Right going down Challenger's Slide

Swimming with Daddy at the Royal Pools

Better pic of the Royal Towers
Just some sight seeing around the hotel
Brady's face cracks me up, he wasn't sure about walking this bridge

Brady getting a pic of us, Charley decided to jump in the last minute


  1. I just love vacation photos!! Your first day already looks fabulous...I can't wait to see the rest of the week!

  2. I loved the video of them going down the slides together! Can't wait to hear all about it.