Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug. 12th Summer Adventures at Fair Park

It took some convincing for me to go to today, I told my friend Hillary when she asked me that I turned into the Wicked Witch of the West when I get hot when I'm not pregnant, so add being pregnant to it and I couldn't guarantee how pleasant I'd be. I decided I'd be a trooper for the kids and go and I'm so glad I did! It was hot but most of the rides/games were covered so that helped tremendously!
The tickets right now through Aug. 18th are 1/2 off, I would highly recommend if you're in the area to take advantage of it!
I sometimes feel sorry for my kids, they were given a mama that doesn't do anything that moves well, that goes for cars, planes, rides, even just going in circles, lol, so I was glad we went with Hillary and Olivia, b/c they are riding fools!
I was very surprised by both the kids, more so with Brady. He is my timid one, that can be a little fearful of things, but he has proven to be more brave over the last couple of weeks through our Bahamas trip and now today riding these rides, I'm super proud of him!
Minus a meltdown from Brady later in the afternoon, that cost him from getting to ride on 2 rides, the log ride and his favorite/ bumper cars again and watching everyone eat a snow cone but him (hoping he learned his lesson not to throw fits over silly things especially when mama spends a much of money on you to have fun, that doesn't go over well with me) we had a great time!
 Riding motorcycles
 This was our first ride, Charley wasn't real sure

 The moves having fun going in circles, I could hardly watch some of the rides

 Charley, Presley, and Hillary

 The girls had it best today, this is how they spent most of the day

 Charley showing off her prize

 I love both the boys reactions in this pic
 Char Char on the carousel
 Presley on the carousel

 Baby swings for the girls
 Charley kept looking back to check on Presley, sweet girl

 Bumper cars were by far their favorite

 I love laughing pictures

 This is one of my favorites

 Olivia and Brady

 Char Char and me trying to win a prize

 I seriously couldn't believe Brady rode this one and they rode it twice, back to back

 Being silly

 Just petting some sting rays
 Couldn't get them both smiling in one picture

 How fun is this picture, doesn't look like he's smiling at us?
 Brady, Aaron, Charley, and Presley at the aquarium
 A leopard fish!
 Just hanging with the marlin
 Hillary and Aaron
 Presley and Olivia
 Petting sea urchins

 Having fun with the octopus

 Biggest lobster I've ever seen
 Charley even rode the log ride

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