Friday, August 16, 2013

Aug. 14th Ranger Game

Ryan has split season tickets for the last couple of years with a friend. This year he got better seats and 1/2 the games because we figured out week night games are really hard to get to. Technically we only have two tickets which means Brady and Ryan go to the game, which is fine by me ;). Lately Charley has been getting upset when they go and asks Ryan to take her all the time. Tonight, our friends weren't able to go so Charley and I got too, she was so excited!

Charley loved every minute of...nachos, hot dogs, snow cones, sunflower seeds, peanuts and a little baseball! Of course Brady can name every player and position and when we miss a play can give us a play by play. 

It makes my heart happy that Ryan and Brady share this time together and our building so many great memories! I'm sure Charley will be joining in on the memories more often pretty soon! 

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