Monday, August 26, 2013

Aug. 26th First Day of First Grade

Man, I know I've said it before but I seriously can't believe my little boy is starting 1st grade today!
He was so excited but as we were walking in, he did finally admit he was a little nervous, sweet boy!
I pretty sure he was more excited about his new backpack then anything, and oh is new lime green tennis shoes that I didn't let him wear today with his polo and khaki shorts, silly mama thought he needed to be dressed up a little today. If it were up to him he'd be in his basketball shorts and t-shirt. I'm sure me decided what he wears the first day are coming to an end soon! This silly mama was also planning ahead, I wanted to make sure whatever we wore today he would still be able to wear the last day of school for our picture, so we bought a little big.
Funny he didn't make such a big deal about me taking pictures like last year, I know that will change too. He also didn't kiss me, although he did let me kiss him at least!
Praying for you Brady, that your light will shine bright for Jesus, that you will be a leader and surround yourselves with Christian friends, that will help you make good choices! That you will also be a great student who is eager to learn and follows the rules! That you will have a heart for others and show God's love to everyone and befriend those that may be different than you!
You are a precious smart little boy who I know is only to be so successful! We are so proud of you! We love you buddy boy!

 Btw, he is wearing his other new shoes, Sperry Top-Sider Tennis Shoes which are super cute and still meet this mama's approval of not ruining a cute outfit and the approval of being a tennis shoe for pe. I got these and his lime green Asics for only $75 at Famous Footwear b/c of Bogo and 20% off coupon, yay for me!

 Charley wanted to join and was super excited she had pockets too, this girl loves her some pockets!
 My favorite picture!

 My Charley girl!

 Seriously how cute!

 Brady and his teacher Mrs. Christian
Putting his backpack up
 Talking to Daddy
 At his desk, while Charly gets into stuff in the back

 She asked them to find their colors and color this paper, which turns into a visor!
I promised him it was my last picture!

First Day Was A Success! 
Brady had his first homework assignment  tonight, he was given a brown paper bag and he had to put his name on it and decorate it with things that represent him and inside he was to put 3-5 objects that he could share with the class. So, he wrote his name and drew a Texas Rangers T, a ball and bat, football, soccer ball, pizza, grapes, banana, and oranges. I have to admit I'm one of those moms that has to fight myself not to help him or do it myself, but I held back! Poor guy takes after me when it comes to being a perfectionist, he gets super upset when he messes up or things don't look the way he liked it should and wants to start over. 
The inside he put his Texas Rangers baseball bracelet, a little football helmet, his God is Bigger bracelet to represent his faith, a pic of his family from a vaca this summer, and an orange crayon b/ his favorite color is orange.
After school I had promised to treat him to ice cream or a snow cone but Charley fell asleep on the way to pick him up and slept until 5, so we decided to make it a Braum's night and have shakes with dinner! Believe it or not this was the first time the kids had tried dipping their fries in a shake, I little like I've deprived them a little, lol.
My lefty at work on his first 1st grade homework assignment
His completed homework
Dipping his fries
Charley had to dip too!

Preparing for the First Day
I love making his lunches and I wanted to make his first day lunch extra special, so last night I made his lunch. I cut out the number 1 in his sandwich and made his watermelon and carrots into the shape of a one. I wanted to surprise him but after realizing it would probably mess up by the time he ate it, I showed it to him, he smiled from ear to ear which made this mama H-A-P-P-Y!

I also found some first grade books to read to him so after his shower, we read First Grade Jitters, Here Comes First Grade, and The Night Before First Grade!

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  1. Hilary! I am pretty sure you are the best mom ever! And Brady looked adorable in the outfit you picked out!

    And I am a huge fan of dipping my fries in my milkshake. It grosses a lot of people out?!

  2. Hilary, I agree with Dina. You are the best mom ever. I love how you always go out of your way to make things super special for them. Brady, Charley, and Corby are super blessed to have you as a mom and we're super blessed to have you as a friend. My kids even think Mrs. Hilary is the best. :)