Friday, August 16, 2013

Aug. 15th Baby Reveal

We have all been waiting for this day for a long time, I'm so thankful we were out late last night at the Rangers game so I would be busy and try to get my mind off it and would be so tired I might sleep. Neither worked,  lol. I did sleep pretty good until 5am, I had to potty and then couldn't get stop thinking about it, so I got up to start working on the kids shirts and decorating the silly string cans.

If you know me, you know I love a shirt for every occasion, but this time I slacked a little on planning. I was just going to have them wear white shirts so the pink or blue silly string would so up, but the creative perfectionist in me decided the day before that would not do. So instead of having  shirts made, I just made them myself. I got both kids just a white t-shirt, got some sticky stencils letters to trace, (b/c I knew if I tried to do the letter myself it would take me hours, that I didn't have, and I wouldn't like it), and some fabric marker. To decorate and disguise the cans I got some white duck tape, washi tape (which was my first time to use it and I love), and some pink and blue ribbon.

***If a Silly String Reveal is something you decide to do a, here are a couple of tips***
1.Check out the Dollar store first for Silly String
2. Spray the cans ahead of time to make sure they all work, glad I did, b/c doing this I also found out Charley couldn't do it herself
3. Clean residue off after spraying, the pink especially after I sprayed it was completely pink on the inside, I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip to get everything out
4. For sneakys like I have in my family, I colored in the inside with black permanent marker just to make sure you couldn't see any color.
5. Mark the bottom of one can, so you'll know which is which. I marked all the boys (I had a gut feeling it was a boy all along but was afraid to say it out loud.  

I made my appt. as early as possible so I wouldn't have to wait all day. Ryan headed to work early and was going to meet me at the doctor's office. The kids and I hoped in the car around 7:15am so I could drop them off at Mimi's.

I got to the doctor's office just at 8:00am and Ryan was right behind us, we maybe waited 10min before going into the sono room. My stomach was in knots, it didn't help I didn't have time to eat. Once we got in the room, she was able to show us so much, its so crazy, I had forgotten. We saw, the four chambers of the heart, the kidneys, the spine, femur, stomach, blood flow, brain, etc. Of course its nice to see all of that and know that everything looks good but I kept looking for any signs of the privates and I spotted it. She was looking at the stomach I think, and I spotted what I thought was a penis and asked her, "was that a penis?" she said she wasn't paying attention, figures. As we get done checking out all the parts she tries to find a good view, she had already mentioned several times she was having to chase our baby, he was moving all over the place, lol. She finally gets an upside view and says you spotted right, it's a boy!!!

I can't explain the feelings that went through me, as happy as I would have been to have another girl, something inside really wanted a boy, I would have never admitted it to anyone, and I kinda hate saying it out loud, b/c a healthy baby is really all I wanted, but something about having another boy, Charley being my one and only princess and sandwiched and protected always by two brothers just sounds perfect to me! (and makes having a Easter and Halloween basket with Corby's name on it already must easier, lol. This funny confession/story to come next) I am beyond blessed and truly amazed by God's continual blessings! Ryan admitted he's actually almost excited, as excited as Ryan Boozer gets a good friend said yesterday, lol.

Anyway on to the Reveal...
After leaving the doctor's office grinning from ear to ear, seriously couldn't stop smiling, I went to get Mimi and the kids and we drove to Nani's work to silly string her. Since I needed to help Charley spray I needed someone to take pictures and someone to take video. So I hid the kids in Nani's office and took my mom and her outside and gave them their cans, they we're hilarious, the pictures are priceless, so much so I put them on a slide show so you could see it like you were there. Once they were done, we realized the kids would see blue string, so we cleaned them off and sprayed some pink to trick them. We grabbed the kids and outside we went, unfortunately, Brady's didn't work at first, so we had to take a second video and Charley and I got sprayed right in the face, she wasn't a fan and the fumes were so strong and possibly got in Charley's mouth that she almost threw up! So in the pictures she looks like she's very almost about it being a boy but boy is what both of them and Ryan wanted from the get go. She was just over the silly string.
We sent the video and a few pics to the granddads and Aunt Stephanie and Aunt Tanya. Aunt Mandi was dropping her kids off with Mimi so we met up with her at Chili's and Brady decided to spray her. After we got Mandi I texted close friends and then put in FB!

Corby Reed Boozer will be our little boys name. Ryan and I picked this name out in college, originally Colby and then we changed it to Corby. When your together since junior high you have lots of time to talk and plan unborn children's names. It was only to be Brady's name until we discovered Brady and then was our boy name for Charley, so we are thrilled to finally get to use it and thrilled to meet him and love on him soon!

 Before heading to the doctor
 The silly string cans
 Facing up
 Facing down, told you he was everywhere
Mimi and Nani

 This is about the time she decided, I'm done

 Don't they look happy,lol

I had to take a redo later at my folks with happier kids
 Getting Mandi, the girls and Mimi inside watching

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  1. What a fun, fun, fun way to reveal Corby's gender!! I am thrilled for your precious family! God is just so good!

  2. You are so creative! I can't wait to meet Corby!

    1. Thanks Dina! Can't take credit for all of it, Pintetest gets the ideas started!

  3. Love Mr Corby Reed already! Can't wait!

  4. Love this sweet post and Charley's sweet face. I'm so happy for your family and can't wait to meet Corby. We love your family!!!