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Aug. 27th-31st Inspired, Scary, Orangey, & Crazy Kind of Week

Aug. 27th
So yesterday was the first day of school for Brady and it was a success for sure!
Today I'm feeling inspired to get to work in Corby's room before I have to go back to school! It probably would have made more sense to turn the guest room into the nursery but its on the other end of the house from our room, an odd shape and as little as we have guest stay over its always nice to have a room just in case and eventually it will be my craft area, already got the closest organized for it!
The play room also has a jack and jill bathroom with Brady so it made sense to me for the boys to be able to share a bathroom, so that way I only have one dirty bathroom to clean.
The upstairs was a disater after having kids over this last weekend, so I figured if I had to clean it and should go ahead and organize and clear out!
I shouldn't have taken a before picture but then you would have seen what a slob I can :).
What's nice is we have a middle room is right as you walk upstairs so I was able to stick all the toys there. It looks a little crowded but what do I expect with two kids and with one on the way, its just going to get worse!

The Empty playroom
The new play area

Play area from a different angle

Different angle

Last angle

Brady's 2nd homework assignment

Aug. 28th
I decided this pregnancy to sign up to do the Sequential Integrated Screening because two of our best friends lost their babies this last year. As no one can ever be prepared to lose a baby or have a baby with any kind of defect I thought it might help to be a little prepared.

There are two blood tests taken during pregnancy, one during first trimester and one during second trimester. My first trimester turned out just fine but this last test, I had some high and low levels which put me at high risk for somethings. So my doctor wanted me to go see a specialist to make sure everything was ok with Corby and I. As you can imagine I was a little  LOT freaked out and worried this last week waiting for this appt. It was one of the longest weeks of my life. 

As far as the can tell Corby looks just fine, Praise Jesus! It doesn't explain my high hCG levels, so they are going to continue to keep an eye on both of us. I will go back to see t he specialist in a month and see my regular doctor on the 12th.

I am going to trust the doctors and this perfect sono and more importantly God! I am certain that this baby is a miracle and God will see us through anything! I considered myself blessed either way!

Corby Reed 20wks, 5days

Ice Cream Truck came by for the first time

Enjoying their ice cream
Aug. 30th
Orange Part 1...
Corby is 21 wks today and  the size of a carrot! And the chalkboard got a makeover!

Aug. 31st
Some More Orange...
I told you that on Tuesday I was feeling inspired to work in Corby's room, so today I went to Hobby Lobby to check out their fabric. I had seen a couple different fabrics I liked online but couldn't pull the plug on them, I really am a visual person and need to see things right in front of me to make a decision like this. To my surprise some of the fabric I had seen online they had. I'm super excited about the colors, I mean, how fun are orange, turquoise, and grey together! And don't worry I found some burlap too, you know I love me some burlap.
I actually found the burlap board at TJ maxx, I bought it not having anything or any place in mind for it, but now I 'm thinking with a little painting makeover, Corby's room with be the perfect spot and how cute are those frames?

This is one of the fabrics I saw online so when I got home I ordered it too!

And how perfect, burlap to match perfectly!
While at Hobby Lobby I told the kids they could get some kind of craft to do today. I thought it was a perfect craft day, sinice its so hot outside and Ryan is gone hunting! They both picked Marvel Heroes color blocks!



Brady and his Spiderman

Char Char and her Hulk
And Movie Time, watching Epic
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